Почему Кейт Миддлтон пропустила baby shower Меган Маркл?

Meghan Markle does not change the traditions of his native country and went to new York for a party baby shower with friends. Many had hoped that the guest list will join Kate Middleton, but she chose a party time with the kids.

Почему Кейт Миддлтон пропустила baby shower Меган Маркл?

As reported in the overseas edition of the Sun, the Duchess of Cambridge chose to spend time with the kids and stay home. Just five years from Prince George, three year old Princess Charlotte didn’t have classes, so Kate took the ten-month-old Prince Louis and went for a walk!

However, it is reported that Kate will have the opportunity to congratulate Megan and Harry and the future replenishment, because will have a second Baby Shower. There you will be able to congratulate the happy couple, those who could not in new York.

By the way, in America, the party was a hit! “Everyone had a good time. Megan is not opened at the party, none of the gifts, because I wanted to unpack them at home. She is very kind, generous and sweet. I think her friends just wanted to congratulate her,” said the insider.

By the way, as reported by the Sun, at the celebration in honor of Kate’s birthday was not Megan and Harry. 9 Jan Middleton celebrated with close friends and her husband Prince William in a country house Anmer Hall in Norfolk. It is not clear whether it was invited Megan and Harry on holiday! This is despite the fact that Megan was preparing a gift for the birthday girl, which was to try them on! By the way, for Christmas the Duchess made up.

We will remind, during a visit to the Church for the Christmas service at Sandringham estate in Norfolk, the Duchess made up. Megan picked out a costume of her favorite color, and Kate sported the outfit of a passionate red. The Duchess behaved very friendly, constantly smiling and talking. Seeing the good conduct of the Royal animals, which recently caught in a feud, insiders have found a new cause for scandal!

I say that Elizabeth II has forced the Duchess to make peace and act diligently for the next family out. And now sources say that Megan fighting with Prince William. The network even provided video proof. The footage of the two Royal couple are heading to the road, Megan is busy talking to Kate and she smiles sweetly. but referring to Prince William, he suddenly begins enthusiastically wiggling his gray scarf, ignoring the Duchess of Sussex.

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