Почему актер Чак Норис завязал с кинокарьерой?

Почему актер Чак Норис завязал с кинокарьерой?

Chuck Norris was forced to leave the scene of his wife’s disease. Jenna was poisoned by heavy metal
gadolinium, doctors injected the woman’s body for better visualization of the passage
MRI, who appointed her for the third time due to health problems.

Poisoning provoked a terrible pain in my ribs and joints. Almost half of the year, Jenna was under
droppers. Long without thinking, the master of various martial arts without hesitation
refuses all the offers and roles of Directors and goes with the film industry to fully
focus on taking care of his beloved.

“Five months my husband slept in the hospital beside me beside him on the sofa and read as much as 17 books!”,
shares with his fans the wife of Chuck Norris.

Recall that Chuck Norris — martial arts master who received the main roles in action movies.


Most famous actor brought the role in the television series “Walker,” in which he played the role of Cordella Walker.
Perebranny Ranger filed a lawsuit in the court for pharmacists who poisoned his beloved wife. And
his fans just as before delighted with his performance in the film “Missing” and “way of the dragon”
… and now impressed by his sacrifice and devotion to his wife.

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