Why Britney Spears' mother is demanding over $600,000 from her Britney Spears' relationship with her relatives seems to be will never get better.

Why Britney Spears' mother demands over $600,000 from her Singer for a long time she fought with her father, dreaming of being freed from his guardianship.
When this happened, she began to regularly give out details from her life that did not color her relatives. In addition to the father, Britney's mother and younger sister got it.

Why Britney Spears' mother is demanding over $600,000 from her< p> Nevertheless, Lynn Spears played a role in the release of her daughter from custody. And now she wants to be compensated for this in the amount of more than 660 thousand dollars. that Britney Spears' mother is demanding more than $600,000 from her” />

“Because Britney asked her mother to make these efforts, and since the efforts made were very successful, Lynn believes that the effort should be compensated. Recognizing that the required fee is calculated In six figures, Lynn notes that the request pales in comparison to the millions and millions of dollars Jamie Spears has spent keeping Britney in custody and doing things that Britney didn't ask for and that weren't in her best interest,” Lynn's lawyers said.

Britney does not want to pay her mother's legal costs, citing the fact that for decades she provided for her entire family.

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