Почему Геннадий Малахов исчез из ТВ-эфира на самом деле?
The host had a change of profession.

Gennady Malakhov


Gennady Malakhov recently changed careers: he is now not a broadcaster, and blogger. The author is a medical practitioner developing a Youtube channel about health and not really miss television. Malakhov, by the way, ready to shoot for the Central channels and even gets regular offers, but in the end, he gives leadership failure. Why? Because can not agree with the authorities on the amount of the fee. Gennady Petrovich has a firm position: to work on TV agreed only for higher wages.

Malakhov on a regular basis lives in the Rostov region. A couple of years ago, tired of the constant travel, Gennady Petrovich refused exhausting mode of operation. Between work in Moscow and health, he chose the latter. He is now engaged in favourite business of the house in the capital is very rare. However, he says he is willing on certain conditions to get back to filming.

“Shooting — it is heavy. Dangle back and forth- from the Rostov oblast to Moscow — is not easy. I am now retired, so I’m fine. I’m not asking in the TV. But offers come regularly. Two years ago the TV channel “Russia” wanted me to call in a new project with Maxim Galkin. We discussed all the details, even the date when you first begin shooting. But then I told them: “Guys, I’m here so much.” Called the amount of his fee, and they backed off. And I don’t want cheap. Now I do what I like!” — quoted Malakhov Sobesednik.