Why Fedor Bondarchuk is the first time missed the opening of “Kinotavr”

Почему Федор Бондарчук впервые пропустил открытие «Кинотавра»
Instead, the festival was attended by ex-wife.

Почему Федор Бондарчук впервые пропустил открытие «Кинотавра»

Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk, 2016

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Svetlana Bondarchuk

Photo: Philip Goncharov

As each festival is rich in history, the “Kinotavr”festival
also has its own traditions. For example, ceremonies at the Winter theatre in Sochi has consistently
stage Director Alexei Agranovich. And declare “Kinotavr” open all
recent years, Alexander Rodnyansky and Fyodor Bondarchuk.

But yesterday Rodnyansky went on stage one… Bondarchuk in Sochi
for the first time in many years, did not come. However, worry not. Fedor
busy filming and will appear on “Kinotavr”, but in the middle
festival to present the film in competition “Myths” with their participation. Come
he, along with his young wife Paulina Andreeva, who also played in
this picture from Director Alexander Molochnikova.

Recall that exactly a year ago, Fedor and Pauline officially
declared themselves a couple on “Kinotavr”. Moreover, the situation unfolds
very similar for 2016, when the first half of the festival in Sochi was
Svetlana Bondarchuk, the former wife of Theodore. Yesterday she was also at the opening, and
then had fun at a beach party at the concert of Vladimir Presnyakov and
happy birthday Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova. But closer to the finale
Svetlana will go into the shade when at “Kinotavr” will appear Paulina Andreeva.