“Why did you do that!?” Sati Kazanova was terrified because of the act of the husband

«Зачем ты это сделал!?» Сати Казанова пришла в ужас из-за поступка мужа
The singer was shocked by the change in appearance of the beloved.

Stefano Tiozzo

Photo: @satikazanova (Instagram Sati Casanova)

Husband Sati Casanova — Italian Stefano Tiozzo decided to change the image. Of course, he had no idea what a shock for a wife will make his stylistic decision. Spouse of the singer, without telling his beloved, he shaved off his beard. It would seem, is nonsense, but the artist was deeply disappointed by the act of Stefano.

Sati admitted that he just doesn’t recognize her husband without facial hair. Jokingly she said if he appeared before her without a beard before the wedding, she could cancel the celebration. “Just a shock… Why did you do it? My husband now looks like Aladdin!” — shared emotions Casanova. However, hair is not teeth and, if desired, Stefano can to grow a beard again, eliminating the cause of the experience of Sati. However, Tiozzo like his new style. He is believed to have been similar to Director Valentino Picone or actor Vincenzo Salemme.

Meanwhile, the day before Sati and Stefano has denied rumors of an impending divorce and the pregnancy Casanova. “Divorce? Why? You just don’t trust the Italians! — appealed to fans of the husband of Sati. — You have too many preconceptions, you know? The Italians — good people! They also say that I travel a lot because I don’t love Sati. This is not true! It’s just my job!”

Sati reached out to fans asking them not to believe all the rumours that appear online about her marriage. Frequent trips Stefano do not affect harmony in the family. By the way, Tiozzo has commented yet, and that his wife was allegedly pregnant. “Yes, of course! She’s already 10 months pregnant. But, then where are our kids? Who stole them?” — laughed Stefano.