Why can Karachentsov, Batalov and Urgant: revelations star nurses

Без чего не могут Караченцов, Баталов и Ургант: откровения звездных сиделок “StarHit” to find out who the stars trust the most precious – their health. Nikolai Karachentsov afraid to argue with his nurse, and Nina Urgant refuses cooked food assistant.
Без чего не могут Караченцов, Баталов и Ургант: откровения звездных сиделок

The day of the social worker – who helps the needy to age – noted in Russia on 8 June. Among their charges, a lot of celebrities, it’s not always close stars is able to provide them proper care, and sometimes the artists do not have relatives… Then come to the rescue of the nurse and volunteers, whose task is not only to feed, but to listen, because it is sometimes more important than physical support.

what I’m nick.

close Karachentsova not allow to take liberties with him.

The son of the actor says that the first seven years after the ill-fated accident, his family was looking for 72-year-old actor worthy of a nurse. “One was doing everything for show: kind of would be involved in the father as we watched her, but had to turn away — don’t pay for daddy’s attention, – says Andrey. – Another first day began to call him nick…

But five years ago God sent us Hope: at the meeting she came in a white hat with a brim and a bouquet of roses, who asked him to convey to dad and mom. We were smitten. And nothing was going through as she was so fragile, cope with the father above her head: Nadia is very strong in the past was a sports gymnast. They found a common language in a couple of days. I’ve never seen dad so unquestioningly obeyed the nurse, while others might curse and half a day with them is not something that is not to say, and even they don’t look”.
Без чего не могут Караченцов, Баталов и Ургант: откровения звездных сиделок

Since then, the Hope lives with Karachentsovym in their suburban cottage, accompanied Nikolai Petrovich and Lyudmila Andreevna in their annual trips of three months in Bulgaria, where the star couple has a home.

“Having learned about the misfortune that happened to Nikolai Petrovich, wanted to help, says “StarHit” Hope. – From his youth loved his work, kept track of all the new movies. Now to dedicate to him all the time: every morning after Breakfast we walk in the house, we pass no less than 20 circles. Nikolai Petrovich tires – rastreskaetsya all, you will sweat, but not complain, if only sigh in exasperation, saying, drove me, Nadia. Then exercises warm up the fingers and feet, massage of the limb. After a rest, an hour for lunch. And again do.”

Andrew notes that the Hope is all what’s missing Lyudmila Andreevna. “Mother is not designed for repetitive work, it tires, says the heir to the star family. Besides, she has no medical education, as a nurse… Mom can leave the house to visit. Nadia works in three directions: physiotherapy, speech development, maintaining intellectual level. Thanks to her huge”.



Без чего не могут Караченцов, Баталов и Ургант: откровения звездных сиделок

“Svetlana Afanasievna in care is not needed, she is who I want to watch” – joke the volunteers of the Foundation “Artist”. But for several years they provided support to the 77-year-old Svetlichnaya – help carry heavy bags from the store, bringing medication.

“Removed Svetlana afanasevna house by myself, says the social worker, volunteer of the Fund “Artist” Paul. – The apartment perfect clean and always smells good: she loves to cook, puts me behind a Desk, treats special mushroom soup with barley, borsch and herring under a fur coat. Has recently shown what exercises does in the morning to stay in shape. Dream it to be so energetic…”

However, not all artists know how to accept help from those wishing them well. “Five years ago, we were sent to the wards in the New year’s eve, camel blankets – warm, good, – continues Paul. – One of the recipients was still alive Director Yuri Lyubimov. Few days later got an angry letter saying that I’m not able to buy a blanket?! Or, sometimes, do not have time to help: in the summer of 2013 I was lucky enough to visit the house of Yuri Yakovlev. He and his wife welcomed me, and I gave the word next year to bring them to the country seedlings of flowers and ornamental shrubs, to help with the planting. And in November, the actor was not…”



Без чего не могут Караченцов, Баталов и Ургант: откровения звездных сиделок

The star of the movie “Moscow does not believe in tears” and “the cranes are Flying” tries not to let strangers in the house. For 88-year-old artist caring wife Gitana. But Alexey Vladimirovich brings health, so when he was contacted by the volunteers of the Foundation “Artist”, he agreed to accept help.

“The whole life of Alexei Vladimirovich and his wife revolves around their daughter Masha, – says the social worker Natalia Tymoshenko “StarHit”. – She has cerebral palsy, but on account of several screenplays and books that she writes in collaboration with her mom, so and so – Gitana Maria Batalova. In their spacious, but I have never seen a repair of the apartment on the embankment of the Moscow river I was several times brought the medicine. While drinking tea, and asked Aleksey to sign me an old postcard. He was confused, saying that you are! But who am I, what’s my autograph for you means something… I was stunned. He is a very humble man. In parting, always wish good luck, friendly Pat on the shoulder”.
Без чего не могут Караченцов, Баталов и Ургант: откровения звездных сиделок



To 86 years Nina Urgant without the support of strangers, but a year ago her son Andrew realized that mom needed help. Happiness among friends was Natalia, who rejoiced at such an opportunity – women’s small salary.

“I come to Nina Nikolaevna twice a week for a few hours, – said Natalia “StarHit”. – Cleaned the apartment, shopping at the supermarket groceries, taking out the trash… But to work in the kitchen I don’t have: Nina doesn’t trust anyone cooking, cooks itself. Even the fish soup for your favorite cats doing their hands – it’s her principle.”