Почему обанкротился бренд Kira Plastinina

The editors of Woman’s Day tried to find out what could destroy such a large and, it seemed, successful company.

Talk about the collapse of the business, Kira Plastinina has long been underway. However, over the last few years have started to notice it all. And recently the CEO of the company “Kira Plastinina style” Igor Mukhachev announced imminent bankruptcy.

“Bankruptcy is now our only option, we are inundated with claims, all of our accounts are arrested, the total debt – about 500 million rubles,” – said the jade spirit to the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Many believe that the reason for the bankruptcy was that the founder of the brand is no longer interested in his brainchild. May have grown up Kira changed interests, in any case, the girl doesn’t even live in Russia. In 2014 she moved to Los Angeles, where he became a student at Columbia University. New life swallowed up the designer and forced to postpone for the second plan successful business in Russia, in which her father Sergei Plaksin has invested millions.

In spite of numerous debts and losses on the company’s website you can still order stuff from Kira Plastinina, but despite this, the representatives of the brand claim that the company broke. Most of the shops stopped working, and then the situation will only get worse.

We are unable to contact Kira Plastinina, she explained the situation and shared emotions. She is worried because of all this, or her brand and everything connected with it, are long gone, and now she has a new life… But we were able to communicate with a successful designer Apollo Bulgakoff, which suggested why the brand Kira Plastinina couldn’t survive.

“I attended the first show Kira that her dad is behind a lot of money brought herself Paris Hilton. The show is nothing special is not represented, but PR and other promotional campaigns made it so that the little girl learned everything. The beginning was pretty good, I remember how my peers bought in her shop shorts, tank tops and other youth clothing. And though it cost expensive, but was considered a designer, that is one level above such mass-markelovich brands.

Many years later I was walking through the Mall and decided to go to her boutique. There was a feeling that she started to fake everything – from world famous fashion houses to the Russian designers. Chaos. Did, so to speak, all that is seen and all that, in her opinion, could like.

In my opinion, the mistake was that by creating a huge network, people had no idea where to go.

A big mistake that you need to distribute the budget, create things that will sell, and not just hanging. It is necessary to examine people’s tastes and focus on their needs. Quality should not limp. I made mistakes by adding a lot of creativity in their products and people just didn’t understand them. Must work in a cohesive team that would be interested in the growth of the brand.

It is important the full conformity of quality/price. It is difficult to operate: the crisis, sales fell everywhere. We survive along with everyone, so you need not forget about practicality, comfort and quality. Every day I see the closing of clothing stores. If Kira left a few stores and thought about it calmly together with a team of cons, would they, could exist to this day. It is not necessary to run ahead of a steam locomotive,” said Apollo.

The former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” and owner of clothing chain Darya Pynzar also spoke about this:

“When launching a clothing brand, you need to first rely on their own strength, to realize how it is not easy. We also at one time faced with the problem related to the franchise, and as a result just forget about the sleep. This is wrong, you need to be able to organize the work so that you can control things and still sleep at night. As for the brand Kira Plastinina, then, to be honest, I did not know that the company is so bad.

I think that ruined it rebranding! Before you could see the youth thing for young girls, and now there are some office suits, and among buyers of adult women. Prices, of course, also changed, if before it was the clothes, now the clothes from Kira Plastinina are not affordable by the students.

The second reason for the bankruptcy, I see that the designer herself is now living abroad, as far as I know. Maybe it is already very concerned about other problems. Yes, she left Russia a strong team of professionals, but unattended all this Empire quickly collapsed, what actually happened”.

Recall that the launch of the first Russian Studio style Kira Plastinina took place in March 2007 in the shopping center “European”. All was accompanied by a massive PR campaign. Kira was giving interviews right and left, and, of course, the brand was soon known to all.

Especially that the clothing brand had members of the then super popular project “star Factory – 7” and who visited the stores regularly received gifts.

Its fame in the first place Kira Plastinina obliged father, Sergei Plaksin, the largest shareholder of holding “Vimm-the bill-Dann”. So, in 2006 they were collected by a team of professional tailors, designers, seamstresses and promoters engaged in the promotion of the network “Kira Plastinina”.

The development of the brand Plaksin spared neither effort nor money. But despite all efforts, the network never once not brought to its founder a profit.

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