Почему Анджелина Джоли ни с кем не встречается?

In 2016, Angelina Jolie and brad pitt filed for divorce and still can’t settle the divorce process. At the time, as brad is constantly credited with new novels, Angelina tries not to get caught by paparazzi with men. Insiders tell you why Jolie is not looking for a new partner!

Hollywood Life reporters conducted an investigation, which managed to find out the reason why Jolie is not interested in the novel. The reason is simple — the star is simply focused on his work and family. Jolie is very often photographed on walks with the kids, and now the actress is starring in the new film Those Who Wish Me Dead.

“Angelina’s life is filled with work and kids, so she’s not Dating anyone and it’s her choice,” says one of the insiders. “She’s happy again. She believes that romance is not what she needs for happiness.”

Some time in the media said that Jolie specifically tightens divorce with pitt, because still loves him and wants a divorce. Information was denied by the insiders: “it’s not that Angelina can’t let go of brad. She’s not seeing anyone just because just not interested in this”. Of course, all may change soon, but for now the stars in the priorities of family and career.

Tighten divorce Jolie will no longer be able, because, as is reported, he gave her a tough ultimatum. Jolie pulls with the signing of some important documents to finish the divorce process, what pitt is going as soon as possible to end it. According to Western media reports, the actor went to court and asked to assign a deadline for the signing of all documents. If Jolie will break the period, you will need to pay a fine impressive. “Brad was very patient throughout the process. But now he’s had enough, he reached the limit. He’s tired of Angelina always puts the divorce process, which is very painful. It seems that Angelina’s has become a kind of game,” says the source.

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