Почему 2016 был таким тяжелым и что нам ждать от 2017 года Last 12 months impact on the lives of many people. Some believed the cause of unhappiness the fact that the year of the Fire monkey was a leap year, others were blaming the unstable situation in the world, and someone suggested that adversity has affected the position of the stars. Astrologers, numerology, clairvoyants and psychics have the answers to these questions.

      Почему 2016 был таким тяжелым и что нам ждать от 2017 года

      Before the New year “StarHit” decided to recall what was the-2016. Over 12 months, there has been a lot of changes not only in our country but throughout the world: several terrorist acts in different parts of the world, inciting military conflicts, and the crash of the plane Tu-154. Everything else, this year it has been cancelled many marriages. And it affected how the world of celebrities, and representatives of the Russian show-business. Some astrologers are United in the opinion that a leap year opens a new series, so it’s important for people to see the place in life. A Fire monkey, in the words of the astrologer Veronica Andreeva, liked to test people’s feelings of strength.


      Julia Finds confirms all of the most insidious fears, saying that this year was held under the banner of fire. Every day was filled with emotional outbursts, which lead to rash actions. Finds does not deny the fact that the future is built on the individual horoscope, but the General patterns common to all.

      “I believe that this year is particularly rich in the divorce, not only because 2016 is a leap year, but due to the fact that this is the year of the red Monkey. In these years there has been a lot of provocations that reaches the target. And when paired one provokes, the other can respond with the words: “Then let’s break up”. The result is obvious,” – said the astrologer Finds.
      Почему 2016 был таким тяжелым и что нам ждать от 2017 года

      A great influence on the understanding of partners this year could have on the planet. There is an opinion that reflects negatively on pairs of Saturn. When he is in the right loop, it freezes the communication, cools it, often leading to separation of lovers.


      It should be noted that the sixth winner of “Battle of psychics” Alexander Litvin has an opinion about the past 365 days. He believes that we were victims of a severe exposure. In his opinion, this year each person came under a wave of euphoria, which resulted in a list of poor decisions. A year ago, Lytvyn warned that you must learn to make independent Rhenia and not go on about others. It could be fraught with negative consequences.

      “Energy 2016 prolonged in time, it is partially captured and 2017. She just runs out somewhere near the first ten days of February. But, as this month’s heavy in itself, peak, and stress load on people, I expect around 17 numbers, plus/minus five days. Then be easier,” says Litvin.

      The psychic convinced that time until February 2017-wow was held most successfully, you need to protect yourself from the rash. In January you need to correctly set priorities for the coming months, everything was exactly the way you planned. To anticipate, according to Alexander, it will be impossible, but worth a try.

      “Until the fifth of January is really good time to do the planning. Use it on purpose! Do not follow the instructions and make them for yourself. The energy of the month allows you to get up to par with the top people and not to remain slaves. Don’t be afraid to ask the universe need to communicate their intentions,” said Alexander Litvin.

      Alexander Litvin also believes that 2016 is the year of the global transformations affecting the consciousness of people is also transformed.


      Pavel Globa echoes the words of a participant of “Battle of psychics”, however, puts forward a much more disappointing diagnosis year of the Fire monkey. He is convinced that in view of the globalization in the world, all the processes have started leaking much faster than the old, so the tragedy of the people they did not expect, seem quite obvious, since proceeded at breakneck speed ahead of the natural course of history.

      “The globalization that swept the world, significantly accelerated the rhythm of life: all around the wildly spinning, the images follow each other in the blink of an eye… And it would seem that this is the natural course of history and somehow just can not be. But in fact, the acceleration of global processes has affected all spheres of life, and in 2016, the world is fully felt the brunt of the consequences,” – said at the end of last year, the palmist.


      Expert numerologist Kuzenbaeva Clara is convinced that the cause of all kataklizm this year was the excessive closeness of the moon to the Earth. As a result, the processes that in one way or another affected the lives of ordinary people. It is therefore not surprising that over the past 365 days happened so many tragic events. On the topic of badly well-known events with the fall of the Tu-154, Clara said that there are things that are obviously meant to be, that is programmed. She also noted that next 12 months will be successful for the completion of the family.

      “The most terrible tragedy that occurred on December 25. If you count the date people, it busts, if the pilot is on the decline, there is a certain prednachertano. Someone is destined to live a long life, to someone before. In the program these people were meant to be. Most importantly, people do not lose faith. Kids born in 2017 will be charismatic and loved by all,” said the numerologist Kuzenbaeva.