Чье платье стало самым худшим на церемонии награждения Золотой Глобус 2020

Чье платье стало самым худшим на церемонии награждения Золотой Глобус 2020

Large-scale events always attract the public with a variety of outfits, dresses and costumes from renowned brands. Celebrity preparing for the red carpet a few months, to remember and stand out, show everyone your exquisite taste. This time different managed famous singer Jennifer Lopez, which is so imbued with the spirit of Christmas that even the dress made in this style. At the Golden globe awards 2020 a celebrity looked like a real Christmas gift.

Exquisite dress from Valentino was a lush white, floor-length skirt, which his star was decorated with a huge bow traditional colors of Christmas. Green-and-gold bow, and dress in General, caused a storm of negative comments. It is not like ordinary fans and fashion critics called the outfit Jennifer Lopez the worst at the ceremony. So that the first fashion fail 2020 is beauty Lopez.

Users of the Internet began its reasoning under numerous photos of the actress, they understood perfectly that the dress was specially made as a Christmas gift. Many followers remembered how last year played a joke on him Ryan Reynolds, who bought a sweater in a Christmas gift. But then Ryan is not out there in society, but simply took pictures and delighted their fans in a good mood.

The network does not cease to appear collages with photos of J. Lo and the comments under them are becoming more popular. Someone thinks that this outfit is reminiscent of a huge number of tied rags, and someone thinks that paper packaging is a very environmentally friendly solution at the moment. By the way, fans in addition to fancy dress noticed at the ceremony Jennifer was with a very heavy makeup. A huge amount of makeup on the face and neck, also had a negative impact on the overall image of the celebrity.

Lopez herself has not responded to the criticism from all sides. Perhaps it absolutely will not care, and the extra PR, even black, never hurts to have the star of world scale.

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