Кто новая девушка Эндрю Гарфилда?

Formerly a long time Andrew Garfield was in a relationship with Emma stone. The habit hard to break, so the new girl Garfield again became an actress.

Кто новая девушка Эндрю Гарфилда?

The American edition of US Weekly has investigated and exposed the identity of the new girl actor. It was Susie Abromeit — former tennis player. Playing sports gave her a great figure, but life with the sport she linked to did not. While large and important role at the girls there, but I think Andrew she’d help with that, and we will soon see suzy in new film. The actress while roles in such films as “Jessica Jones”, “Supernatural” and “one tree Hill”. By the way guys the same age that the world of the film business at the moment — a rarity.

For the first time in the media started talking about the novel stars after paparazzi captured them on the beach in Malibu. Susie in eye-catching black-and-white striped pants was hard to miss. That night the guys were not shy, and no one showed their feelings as best they could, in measures of what is permitted. They kissed lying down, sitting and standing! Fans even joked that the guys decided to try all poses from “50 shades of grey”.

Then they were spotted at Disneyland, but over time — at one of the restaurants in Miami.

By the way, recall that earlier it was a lot of talk about the orientation of the actor. He himself gave ambiguous comments LGBT publications. “I was always sexually attracted to only women. My position in life is to capitulate to the secret, in order not to be responsible. I think most people try to control themselves and their experiences and therefore put up walls around yourself. I’m open to any impulses, which at any time I appear. Before I die I want to try everything,” he said.

The orientation of the actor in the network are continuously maintained. Despite the fact that Garfield had an affair with Emma stone, his sexuality is still questioned. Oil poured into the fire, his role in the play by American playwright Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America” (Angels in America), in which he played a gay man. In an interview Garfield said bluntly that he was “homosexual”, however, noting that physical contact with men.

In 2015, ended a wonderful tale of Andrew Garfield and Emma stone, which, as many thought, was to end the wedding. But it did not happen. For some reason the actors decided to leave.

Then Andrew made a curious recognition. Garfield admitted that he still loves Emma. Did this actor during an interview for Hollywood Reporter.