Who’s that girl: ashlee Simpson went too far with the plastic

Кто эта девушка: Эшли Симпсон переборщила с пластикой

32-year-old star stopped to recognize on the street.

Recently Ashley Simson not often seen at social events. Star all the time pays to his wife, 28-year-old actor and musician Evan Ross, as well as recording a new album.

Perhaps that is why at the premiere of “God vs. trump: the winner is only love” fans immediately recognized the blonde 32-year-old Simpson, and we are not surprised!

Кто эта девушка: Эшли Симпсон переборщила с пластикой

Ashley admitted that she had to do a rhinoplasty on the testimony of doctors, but I guess the trips to the plastic surgeon Simpson has not ended. Another form of nose, plump lips, changed the shape of eyes, cheekbones, and pointed chin – without Botox injections there is not exactly cost.

Fans noted that earlier in the 32 year old star was a highlight and now she is similar to the stamped doll.

Recall that recently the audience discussed metamorphosis with the appearance of demi Moore. At the last show demi Moore showed up with daughters. However, the actress was not immediately recognized! Completely smooth forehead, and as though forced smile – facial expressions 53-year-old star has not changed throughout the evening. The specialist told us why demi looks like and how to avoid the consequences of a failed injections.