Кто следующий? Первый канал «попрощался» с еще одним ведущим
Alexander Oleshko commented on his dismissal.

Alexander Oleshko

Photo: @oleshkoaleksandr Instagram Alexander Oleshko

The first channel in anticipation of the beginning of the season “dumped” from another leading. Following the departure of Andrey Malakhov was announced about the dismissal of Alexander Oleshko. It became known yesterday that the First channel not found for Oleshko place in the new TV season ended and has not renewed the contract. Soon after the information appeared that Alexander received an offer to work for NTV.

“Dear friends! No official statements, clarifications, explanation, goodbyes and other things. Only gratitude for his years of bright, diverse, very intense and very interesting ,good cooperation, which ended at his own request in early June of this year! The leadership of the First channel from the heart thank you for your trust, support, attention and endless possibilities! All of whom worked thanks for the help, passion and total commitment! Being a freelance artist, accepted the offer which could not refuse! Wherever and with whoever was, the main task remains to give the viewer the joy, peace of mind and good mood! The viewer knows it from the heart. World Peace!” — commented on the dismissal of Alexander.

We will remind that Andrey Malakhov retired already seem to have found a replacement. According to Sadalsky, the new host of “Let them talk” will be Dmitry Borisov. Andrew will be taking a career break in order to take care of a pregnant wife — Natalia Shkuleva. Very soon, she will be the first time father and if you believe the media reports, he will spend maternity leave at home with the baby. By the way, Andrew recently hinted that the break time in the career of the presenter will become a new.