Who’s Monetochka: the phenomenal popularity of the singer from Ekaterinburg

Кто такая Монеточка: феноменальная популярность певицы из Екатеринбурга “StarHit” gathered interesting facts about the artist that you all are discussing. Monetochka managed not only to release several successful solo albums but also performed on the program “Evening Urgant”. Recently, the girl and even made a splash on “Kinotavr”.
Кто такая Монеточка: феноменальная популярность певицы из Екатеринбурга

Just a couple of years of Elizabeth Gudymova from an unknown girl who lived in Yekaterinburg, she had become the idol of generation. Her songs listen to teenagers, and she recently debuted on television. The compositions, written by Monetocracy, evaluate music critics and guests of the film festival “Kinotavr”.

“StarHit” decided to perform the work girls to see why it has become one of the most discussed persons of domestic show-business.


Кто такая Монеточка: феноменальная популярность певицы из Екатеринбурга

2016 Elizabeth of Kardymovo was just an ordinary schoolgirl from Ekaterinburg. Since childhood, she studied music, in particular, played the piano and composed the lyrics.

In 2016, the girl was admitted to VGIK to the production Department, and in the same period he released his first album “Psychedelic cloud rap”.

“I’m a second year living in Moscow, and I love it here. There are plenty of good professionals in the sound and mixing music. VGIK did because of the interest in classic movies, but now increasingly thinking that maybe I should go to the Conservatory. Perhaps it will be my next education,” shared Lisa in an interview.

The first album girls became a real musical sensation. Some reputable publications have called this disc one of the main events of 2016. She Monetochka was not ready to such success. In addition to laudatory reviews, she had to face a wave of negativity.

So, many accuse Kardymovo in the banality of the lyrics and the excessive mannerism of execution. Sometimes it even compare with Renata Litvinova. She Monetochka does not deny that the written poems is always clear and simple, but they have social implications.

In the same period, she writes duets with some successful artists. She collaborated with NOIZE MC and Glory of the CPSU.


After the release of the album “Coloring pages for adults” Monetochka became a real idol of the young generation. Realizing that its success is not accidental, the girl was invited to various shows. In particular, it appeared in the program “Evening Urgant”.

There the artist performed one of his most famous compositions. With what is connected such a success of the singer? Let’s try to understand this in detail.


Monetochka is not shy and is not afraid to look like an alien. On the contrary, it is this difference from other young artists became her signature style. She often puts the original pictures, which she captured in unusual images.

Appearance Lisa seems as strange as it clips or music. The girl is not shy to look ridiculous. It is this openness, sincerity impresses fans of Monetki.


Elizabeth used to sing using the high notes. Her style has become so popular and recognizable that the girl has already started to copy. At the same time she Monetochka explains the relevance of his music is the fact that she managed to invent something completely new.

“Now there are many girls who are 16-17 years old who sing as well as I do. Just why they decided to take from my songs all the worst. This is a squeaky voice and bad quality recordings. Yet none of them can compete with me because they do not invent anything new but just repeat after me,” said Monetochka in an interview.

Her performance style is really a student of many music critics. They recognize that Elizabeth sings at the highest level, but it is the originality, unwillingness to follow trends make it so popular.


Many viewers are accustomed to the fact that the state is unattainable idols, which is very difficult to meet in real life. However Monetochka always tries to be open to his fans.

She often communicates with them on social networks, arranges meetings, and at the same time tries not to react to direct provocation from the fans.

“I always try to communicate with people, I like to get them nice gifts. But sometimes some of them just cross the line, interfering in personal space. For example, recently after a concert in Moscow, I went to the train station to buy tickets to St. Petersburg. And while I was nervous, fussed, follow me follow wherever the fan, it was frustrating. But I’m afraid to offend these people rude. I think that their love and kept my popularity,” shared Elizabeth.

While Elizabeth managed to form quite a heterogeneous fan base. Her music I love teenagers, and the girl herself said that her and listening to adults. “For me the big surprise was that my fans are mostly men. Their 80%. While this is a solid, adults. Don’t know what it involves. Maybe they want something cute and touching,” – said Gudymova in an interview.


One of the reasons why Lisa’s new songs become hits — her desire to always be the trend. She writes songs with some of the top artists, composing the actual lyrics. So, in the verses of Moniecki you can find satirical statements about politics, social situation of the country and so on.

This girl is not trying to write too smart songs. Moreover, she emphasizes that man is extraordinary with an evolving Outlook on life.

“I’m only 20 years old. Each book and each movie affect my views. That is why my beliefs are so far apart. Many criticize me for this, but I am like not shy,” he shared Monetochka in an interview.

The girl produces fashionable clips with vivid and unusual story. She performs at “Kinotavr”, gives interviews and conducts active social network. All of this significantly increases the popularity of the artist.

Summing up, it should be said that Elizabeth of Gudymova were able to create very bright, and most importantly, thoughtful way. Her songs like no other, the behavior and appearance cause a lot of issues. Yet Monetochka is trending and the level of popularity can compete with many stars of show business. However, how long such a success, only time will tell.