Вупи Голдберг снимет сериал про моделей трансгендеров

Whoopi Goldberg

American mass media Corporation OHADA going to do a reality show about models-transgender people. The idea came from actress and producer Whoopi Goldberg. This issue is now as relevant as ever thanks to the efforts of Andrew Pesich and Kathleen Jenner, who are actively fighting for the rights of transsexuals.

It is already known that the series will involve models who share a passion for the fashion world, but who are unable to open the door for different kinds of reasons. To support in this difficult journey they will be the world’s first transgender modeling Agency.

This show needs right now, when society has made a huge step forward for minorities and continues to do. But nevertheless, the word “transgender” as a red rag, drives people into hysterics,

– commented on the news itself Goldberg.

People live by stereotypes and do not pay attention to personality, this show will provide viewers a unique opportunity to observe real people who face the same problems as us when trying to make his way in life.

On the show, which was called “Proud gait”, but Whoopi Goldberg will also work Tom Leonardis, Stephanie Noonan and Draskovic Bobby sizemore. It is expected that the Proud tread” will appear on the screens this year.

On the set of the show

Whoopi Goldberg on the set of the show

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