Who would doubt: mens watch work think about sex

Кто бы сомневался: мужчины в часы работы думают о сексе

American psychologists say that the erotic fantasies of men devote five hours a day.

American psychologists did not surprise us. The fact that men always think about sex, we have long understood. Even at work they are, even at home, even in a car stuck in a traffic jam, but in my thoughts all the same. However, now thanks to the research appeared the exact scale of the tragedy: erotic fantasies men devote about five hours a day.

In a study of a group of scientists from Arizona was attended by over 1,500 people. Every day, the volunteers recorded all their thoughts. And as it turned out, a large part of the time indulged in erotic fantasies, even at work, which often interfere with focus on direct duties.

On the second place in popularity thoughts about career development and earnings, the third – about friends and comrades. And last of all men think about life and family relations. It’s a shame, girl, huh? But now it is known that the way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach, and in a completely different direction.

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