Кому был нужен срыв отпевания Олега Табакова?
Organization of farewell to a legend of theatre and cinema accompanied by scandal.

Oleg Tabakov

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Tomorrow will be a funeral service for 82-year-old Oleg Tabakov, who died March 12 in one of the capital’s hospitals. The ceremony, at the request of the family, will be held in private: where and when will the Church ceremony is not reported. It is only known that civil funeral will take place on March 15 at the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov. Around the eve of farewell to an artist, a scandal erupted. Orthodox activists of the movement “God’s will” made a demand to ban the funeral of the artist.

A message asking about the “potpisani” Oleg Pavlovich appeared in social networks on behalf of the head of “God’s will” — Lyudmila Esipenko. In his letter, the activist appealed to the Governor of the Central Vicariate of the Moscow Metropolitan Arseny of Istra. The motion argued the claim that tobacco allegedly was a “blasphemer”. This conclusion was based on the repertoire that Oleg Pavlovich picked for the theater. “In that case, if the blasphemer Tabakov someone dares funeral service, we will submit that priest in the ecclesiastical court to impose on him canonical sanctions”, — stated in the message of the movement “God’s will”.

Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church said the funeral of Oleg Pavlovicha will not be canceled, and the statement of the activists has nothing to do with the Church. “As for the statements of the movement “God’s will” to the Church, they have no relationship. As far as I know, statements about the cancellation of the funeral hasn’t received,” said Vakhtang Kipshidze, “Moscow Says”.

Also in the media discussing whether to come to the funeral the children of Oleg Pavlovich from his first marriage or his ex-wife. Lyudmila Krylova said in an interview with reporters that his son Anton after years of resentment, forgive his father, but Alexander didn’t communicate with dad.