Who will choose Alexey Vorobyov at the end of the show “the Bachelor”?

Кого выберет Алексей Воробьев в финале шоу «Холостяк»? Only three participants — Natalya Tkalina, Yana and Natalia Anosova Garaganova. Each of them has its own twist, but to win the heart of the bachelor, only one will succeed. Soon the audience finds out who Alexei Vorobyov will give not only rose, but also treasured ring.

      Кого выберет Алексей Воробьев в финале шоу «Холостяк»?

      On the eve it became known, who will reach the final show “the Bachelor” on channel TNT. Unfortunately, the project has left 20-year-old Alla Berger from Tver. Thus, the project remained only three participants. They are all beautiful, intelligent and have a special charm is Nataliya Tkalina, Yana and Natalia Anosova Garaganova. Now they will fight for the heart of Alexey Vorobyov. Until the end of the program left nothing at all, just a few episodes. Who will choose one of the most eligible bachelors of the country, the audience finds out very soon.

      Participant of “the Bachelor” Alla Berger: “I’m not ready to deny myself the pleasure”

      Кого выберет Алексей Воробьев в финале шоу «Холостяк»?


      Кого выберет Алексей Воробьев в финале шоу «Холостяк»?

      32-year-old Nataliya Tkalina is a model from Moscow. Her mom works as a doctor and head of the Department of Pediatrics at the medical College. The father of Natalia — military man who is now retired. Tkalina conquers the catwalks and glossy magazines since I was 17. She has participated in fashion shows in Russia and in America, won competitions models. Natalia is a versatile developed person. She also took the first steps in the world of cinema — starred in one of the scenes of the film “gloss” Andrei Konchalovsky. In addition, Tkalina you can see in the video Avraam Russo for the song “Amor”.

      Viewers of “the Bachelor,” Natalia remembered from the first series of the programme. At first she refused the rose, which she wanted to give Alexei Vorobyov. This has caused confusion not only the bachelor, but everyone else participating in the project. But in the end Tkalina changed his mind and stayed in the project, to continue the struggle for the heart of the artist.

      Participant of “the Bachelor,” Nataliya Tkalina: “it is Obvious that Alex allocates all of me”

      “Alex separates me from the other participants, obviously. I understand that this is even such a sign of attention. It’s better to stand out from the masses, but which way – in their own way”, – says Nataliya Tkalina.


      Кого выберет Алексей Воробьев в финале шоу «Холостяк»?

      21-year-old actress from Yakutsk looks great with Alexey Vorobyov. They’re both people from the arts community, excellent and so are a common language with each other. Yana Anosova a good education, she is a graduate of VGIK. Despite his young age, the girl has managed to appear in films and music videos. Alexey Vorobyov is Jan very talented, he also liked her family. According to bachelor, she the girl is big and happy.

      Participant of “the Bachelor,” Yana on Facebook: “the Other Alex just did not get along”

      “I’m the only one who accepts him as he is. And only I have full and adequate understanding of how Alex lives and works. The other one with him I just can’t live”, – says Yana Anosov.

      Natalia Garaganova

      27-year-old girl from a small town of Leninsk-Kuznetskiy from childhood accustomed to the fact that all it is necessary to achieve on their own. Natalya’s parents died when she was seven years old. With them was a tragedy, of which Gorohovoj hard to remember. After the incident, little Natasha was sent to an orphanage. It has become a second home to her, the girl kept wonderful memories about this place. Even Natalie just loves kids as had noticed Alex during the last edition of the project. And besides, Garaganova — recognized beauty, before which is difficult to resist. No wonder in 2009 Garaganova took second place in the contest “Beauty of Russia”.

      Participant of “the Bachelor,” Natalia Garaganova: “I Have often in life miracles happen”

      “I was surprised by what Alexei is a strong man. He has a good sense of humor, he may be interested in any girl. We are with him in some ways even similar in how we see our future. We even say the same phrases! He, like I, puts a very high bar,” says Natalia Garaganova.

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