Кто довел до слез Меган Маркл?
First joint publication with the Duchess Catherine ended for the wife of Prince Harry in bitter disappointment.

Duchess Catherine and Meghan Markle


The spectators watching the final match of the Wimbledon
tournament, got the opportunity to enjoy sitting in the stands of the stadium immediately
two members of the Royal family who are very emotionally reacted to the game. It
is about the two duchesses — Sussex and Cambridge. Megan came here
to cheer on their friend Serena Williams, competing in
tournament. Katherine made up her company.

Katherine and Megan came into the match together, without their husbands, of princes William and Harry. And the first joint appearance of the Duchess on the public has shown,
they get along well together. At first, they chatted and giggled.
However, when it became clear that Serena was defeated in the game with Angelica
Kerber, both of you, especially Megan, became sad. And when the match came to an end, and it was
announced that Williams lost in the
the eyes Megan had tears…

It is curious that even Serena is much more resistant
suffered defeat in a tournament where so many times she became
the winner. Williams, who took part in the competition in just
10 months after the birth of her first child — daughter Olympia said: “I
happy and proud that we were able to walk in the tournament so far. What I lost,
sad. But I do not feel frustration. I actually just starting
all over again, and I have so many more matches to come. My game I dedicated all
women who have children. I was playing for them!” Note that Williams was
the first player is the mummy, which managed to reach the Wimbledon final for
in nearly 40 years!

As for Megan, she told the Duchess,
friends with Serena for a very long time. Markle considers Williams one of her closest
friends — no wonder she asked Serena for his marriage with Prince Harry
on 19 may this year in Windsor. They met in 2010-m-6
years before the Markle meeting with the Prince during a charity match
American football. Megan then had already become the star of “Force majeure” and
Serena was known as a nearly invincible tennis player. “We got to talking, we found
lots of common themes. Serena and I managed to discuss, then, in addition to tennis and a movie!” — recalls with a smile the Duchess…