Who Vincent Cassel is traded on the Monica Bellucci

На кого Венсан Кассель променял Монику Белуччи The news that the French star has appeared 20-the summer girlfriend has caused an unprecedented boom, instantly glorifying young model. And while fans were discussing the details of the novel, Vincent Cassel enjoyed the company of a girl during a holiday on the Cote d’azur.
На кого Венсан Кассель променял Монику Белуччи

Now Tina Kuniaki actively compared with Monica Bellucci, as the famous Italian woman was married her boyfriend for 14 years. The girl builds model career, and for the sake of filming, she came to Cannes, where takes place the famous festival. And all anything, but the host of the festival took over Bellucci.

Fans of the actress immediately assumed that Kunaki is afraid of competition from the side of one of the most beautiful women in the world. A little later, the paparazzi photographed the girl in the black bikini, showing her body without embellishment, and Tina herself has posted a joint selfie with Vincent, wasnow his fans.

In the picture with the beloved actor, according to fans, looks much older than his years. With grey hair and beard, the 50-year-old Kassel looks like most of the father of Tina than her boyfriend. However, there were those who appreciated the controversial image of a star.

“He’s so cool, I love it”, “Gorgeous couple! Don’t listen to what You say, be happy”, commented a selfie subscribers Kunaki.

Young model often puts a joint photo with the actor, fueling many rumors about their torrid affair. Tina generous and private pictures, which she usually appears in a bikini. Fans Bellucci noted that she really is not without charm, but to aristocratic charm and ageless beauty of the Italian diva her away.

Despite the hype around the relationship of the former spouse, Monica Bellucci saves a stolid calmness. At the opening ceremony of the Cannes film festival, she appeared in a sexy blue dress that best demonstrate all the advantages of her figure. To further amaze the audience, she passionately kissed French actor Alex loutsa on stage. The gesture was so unexpected that instantly eclipsed all other events of the ceremony.

Recently, the actress has confirmed that meets Gilles Lellouche. Chosen over Monica for 8 years, but this difference seems negligible in comparison with that observed in a pair of Kassel-Kunaks. Ex-husband Bellucci over his current passion for almost 30 years.

While Monica and Tina crossed paths on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival, but it will probably happen. But wait sensation is not: Bellucci managed very quietly to leave her husband, while maintaining the excellent relationship. She probably did not lose composure this time. Now the actress is completely absorbed in his work: the show in Cannes is in full swing, and in 2017 will be several television shows involving Italian.