На кого подписаться: обзор Telegram-каналов о красоте

SPLETNIK.RU prepared for you fresh (still warm) portion of the Telegram channels on cosmetics, makeup, hair, fragrances and skin health. Cover all of course, we could not (and this goal is not pursued, frankly), but again did not (of Don’t Touch My Face, Bankihuyanki, “Toad strangling” and “Cinderella of the mass market” has already written a year ago).

Kosmetos (about 11 thousand subscribers)

Account leads Muscovite Ani Sargsyan, which in simple and accessible language tells about the decorative and care cosmetics as well as broadcasts news on all your favorite family the Kardashian-Jenner. Here you will find reviews of beauty innovations and effective advertising campaigns, and regular collection of the most. What is especially nice, quite a lot of reviews of democratic means (attention not deprived of any highlighter Yves Rocher, no eyebrow mascara Essence nor the pencil of the gums). All posts spiced with good humor and witty metaphors.

“Beauty of the brain” (about 7 thousand subscribers)

The channel that was previously dedicated to niche hair products (Aveda, R + Co, Oribe), and more recently extended its reach, leading a former social media and PR Manager at Authentica Club Naila Aslanova. Girl 26 years, of which more than five, she works in the cosmetic industry. Naila testing new products, writes unbiased (really want to believe it) reviews and, importantly, the post is not advertising, and made his own photos. The author puts announcements of discounts and promotions in stores, recommendations of experts, is sharing her beauty discoveries, views on “kolokolenka theme” and talks about the different projects.

На кого подписаться: обзор Telegram-каналов о красоте

NoseRepublic (about 5 thousand subscribers)

Perfume critic Ksenia Golovanova many years wrote (and continues to write) for “Billboard” and Wonderzine and the first of January last year started his own independent blog. There’s all kinds of useful information from the detailed account of the methods of producing aromatic extracts to book reviews on fragrances. Also in the vast NoseRepublic for anyone interested, she talks about new perfume launches. Particularly fan of the French brand Dusita, but about the mass market doesn’t forget.

Kseniya notes that it is with equal pleasure writing about another Flanker toilet water N about sexism in the perfume advertising and about the special lexical reservoir that exists in the speech of the Amazonian tribes to Express concepts flavorful. “People I believe in, and for a journalist there is nothing more important,” — explains the phenomenon of the popularity of your channel Golovanov.

На кого подписаться: обзор Telegram-каналов о красоте

“Makeup, nails, hair” (about 27 thousand subscribers)

Well here and the title all clear. The channel focus on make-up lessons for all occasions, beautiful nails, hair and related new trends. Few words, lot of pictures (some of them so I want zaskrinit for the future), perhaps that is why this Telegram channel so many followers.

“No time to explain, run to the store!” — so welcomed guests of your blog Dasha, the author of the Telegram-channel “Must take”. She answers popular questions about beauty and self care: how to look cool, spending no more than two thousand rubles, which shampoo to use for dry hair, how to make a perfect day makeup and how to get rid of blackheads.

The author publishes a large number of test drives available at a price of cosmetics, and lists the funds for which are not worth of the ruble. Periodically Dasha holds the attractions of unprecedented generosity and gives a set of cosmetics. Interesting here is not only girls but also boys — often related and men’s beauty products. This created a special category “of men” with the news about beauty products for men.

“The diary of vizagites” (about 9 thousand subscribers)

Makeup artist Irena, Shimshilashvili created my Telegram channel in April of last year. It all started with a review of the most important tools any fans of makeup brushes. Immediately showered questions about his favorite products for eye makeup, balatero and cream blush. The girl passed on all eight segments of cosmetics of mass-market, semi-professional, luxury, design, salon, pharmacy and network. Irena teaches paint, brand shares lifehacks examines Macapa from shows and iconic shots and gives tips on needed (or not) of beauty-shopping. In General, the channel can be subscribed only for a picture of the cutest Corgi.

На кого подписаться: обзор Telegram-каналов о красоте

“Beauty Gopnik” (about 3 thousand subscribers)

“Hi, I’m axi, and today I soaked the sponge in the glass, and then, not noticing, drank water from it. The realization came only when the sponge fell off my face. I think it gives me quite a comprehensive view” — namely this post in mid-January of this year by the Telegram-channel “beauty Gopnik” declared itself.

This is exactly belongs to it the hashtag #letsjquery like no other describing not very high quality beauty tools. With trepidation followers Aksi waiting for section #redostoneage in which the author talks about the glosses, and decided to try the mascara not more than 500 rubles.

PS the Channel will confuse those who do not tolerate obscene language.

На кого подписаться: обзор Telegram-каналов о красоте