“Who scored?” The bride of Dmitry Tarasova received an expensive gift

«На кого оформили?» Невеста Дмитрия Тарасова получила дорогой подарок
Anastasia Kostenko has irritated fans of Olga Buzova.

Anastasia Kostenko

Photo: @kostenko.94 Instgaram Anastasia Kostenko

Anastasia Kostenko once again aroused the heebie jeebies fans of Olga Buzova. The model is boasted on social networks of expensive gifts, which, according to the subscribers, was made by the former husband of Kim and Dmitry Tarasov. We are talking about the luxury car. Kostenko was photographed next to the car and was published in the microblog with the comment “Dreams come true!”

Naturally, this angered fans Buzova. By the way, Olga also received from her husband a car as a gift, but immediately after a breakup Tarasov demanded the car back. “Nothing, soon you all will pick early to rejoice!”, “Like this player dreamed of a wife life is not for show”, “will remain in the status of a mistress”, “the Car, I suppose, Tarasov was designed!” write Kostenko. While Anastasia has defenders who believe that the detractors are just jealous of her.

Meanwhile, model and football player preparing to enter into a new country house. Its construction began Tarasov is still married to Buzova, and finishes with Kostenko. A new passion has got the most enjoyable part: to create in the house cosiness. Recently, the athlete together with Anastasia chose curtains in the home that informed subscribers.