Кто поссорил Анджелину Джоли с Брэдом Питтом?
The investigation of the incident on Board the spouses turned over to the FBI.

Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt

Photo: Legion-media

The history of the conflict of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt
becoming more confusing. As it turned out, the quarrel, in addition to spouses involved another side. It is about two girlfriends Angelina —
the Brits of the Louvre Hellik and Chloe Dalton. According to the source of the authoritative edition
these two ladies have done everything to drive a wedge between spouses.

Louvre and Chloe met with Angelina back in 2011
at the premiere of Jolie’s Land of Blood and Honey on the conflict in Bosnia. The Bosnian Helik,
who emigrated from their homeland in the 90s, this movie made a strong impression.
Since then, she and her friend Dalton made friends with Jolie. In women there was
a lot of common themes and in addition of military conflict in the Balkans. All three were
extremely interested in charity work. Together they founded the organization
Dalton Helic Jolie Pitt Foundation
the task of which was to raise funds to help the refugees and women victims of violence in conflict zones .

They say that Angelina was so fascinated by this work that
began seriously to consider the possibility to permanently leave the cinema to fully
to devote himself to philanthropy and political activities. Friend
strongly supported this idea, suggesting Jolie: to gain more influence
she needs to get into the British Parliament. And by the way, it is not
impossible as it may seem. For this only need to be of age,
to obtain British citizenship and be rewarded for their humanitarian achievements
the honorary title.

So came to the House of Lords itself Helik that
by decree of Queen made an honorary peer and awarded the title of Baroness, and
gave her the opportunity to sit in Parliament. And Angelina, to which Elizabeth had assigned
in 2014 the title of Honorary dames, already halfway to achieving its

Meanwhile, brad pitt is claimed to have been absolutely
not in delight from such prospect. And Helik with Dalton began their “subversive
the work of” tuning Jolie against her husband, whom he considered an obstacle to their General
plans. Because Angelina was conducted in Britain a lot of time and allowed
these ladies give her advice not only on political issues, they began
to actively intervene in her family life.

Of course, this influence was not the only reason
conflict of pitt and Jolie. They say the first fighting started they still in 2014, in
honeymoon, when they starred in the film “by the sea”, where it was about family
conflict. There were rumors that Angelina and brad got so into it fiercely quarreling
the spouses that it has affected their real relationship. And later, pitt and Jolie
repeatedly clashed because of differences of views on the education of children,
because of addiction of brad drinking and marijuana. So the conflict that occurred in
Board the aircraft last week was just the last straw
pushed angelina file for divorce.

By the way, new details have become known of this incident. It became clear with whom of the children clashed pitt. It was the eldest adopted son of a pair of 15 — year-old Maddox. What they
quarreled, not yet known, however, told the newspaper The Sun managed
find out what the scandal began even before the family boarded
a plane flying from France to Los Angeles, and continued throughout the flight. And
since the conflict broke out in international airspace, the investigation of allegations of pitt in domestic violence against children, in accordance
with American law, is now turned over to the FBI.