Who played Hodor in “Game of thrones” actor thinking about a political career

Сыгравший Ходора в «Игре престолов» актер задумался о политической карьере

Actor Christian Neyrn, in the popular television series HBO “Game of thrones” was not only a DJ (not so long ago, he played a set in one of Moscow night clubs). The actor said that seriously thinking about a political career. The Irishman is going to defend the rights of LGBT minorities at the state level.

As reported by the Telegraph, Mr Nairn, better known to a wide audience as Hodor, is concerned about the ban on same-sex marriage, and he wonders why they remain “the only enclave within the state that may not allow them.”
“I am not a radical, but I have something to say. I seek the equality of citizens,” said Christian, who, as we know, he belongs to the LGBT community.
Political career Neyrn plans to begin in a few years, and yet devote himself to cinema. In addition to “Game of thrones” actor starred in the film “Four soldiers” and “Mitica. DEICIDE”.