На кого муж-миллионер променял Викторию Боню She shared a room with four colleagues and he graduated from College to pull. “StarHit” learned some details of the last lady Alex Smerfit. Former husband of Victoria Boni ceased to hide the relations with a new passion recently.
На кого муж-миллионер променял Викторию Боню

The Irish millionaire and TV presenter broke up about six months ago, but Alex smerfit already introduced friends new her to – 19-year-old Elizabeth Ganenko, fashion model from Vladivostok. As a model she has worked in Asia and Europe.

“We met three years ago, in Tae – says “StarHit” Alice Plaksina. It was the first trip Lisa. We lived in one room, five of us lived. Some liked to cook, but not Lisa. Went to a café near the house, she always sat in the phone – loved Instagram, texted with her boyfriend Roma. Then they really broke up: trip Lisa took over”.

Contracts for work abroad were for two or three months. “She was listed in the Apple Agency. And to get at least 100 thousand during this time, had to work almost every day, – remembers Polina model Zanin. – Remember, she supported me. We drove in a taxi to the audition, and I boasted phone just bought. Leaving the car, found that I forgot the iPhone in the cabin. Many girls would just say, “don’t worry about it, new will buy.” But Lisa got into position, a few days helped in the search: went istorm to calculate the location of the unit, but to no avail”.

На кого муж-миллионер променял Викторию Боню

The mannequin now lives in Spain, but a lot of flying around the world.

“She always loved to travel, the Agency was given the opportunity – says the “StarHit” classmate Ganenko Alice Litvinenko. – Because of the traveling Lisa kept missing College. But teachers are treated with condescension. Besides her mother, Olga Marchenko, was our lecturer in marketing and leader practices. Elizabeth even at graduation came, and the document itself like that and didn’t get it”.

Many Vladivostok comrades Ganenko with the arrival of fame and the emergence of a wealthy suitor forgotten.

“She disappointed me, – says the photographer Sergei Starostin. – I did with Lisa a shot, then we talked, texted. But now, when she started secular life, people from the past she sent to ignore. Zazvezdilsya”.

На кого муж-миллионер променял Викторию Боню