Кто заставил похудеть Полину Гагарину Star coach said “StarHit”, as it helped Polina Gagarina to return to form after the second birth, and Aglaia Tarasova – pump up the ass. Vyacheslav Dichev confessed, who else of the celebrities would you like to work.
Кто заставил похудеть Полину Гагарину

The story of Vyacheslav Dicheva, which is now entirely celebrity-its amazing. Just a year ago he worked as a regular instructor in Moscow fitness club. But the young guy who came from Russia to conquer the capital, it was not enough. Glory decided to act independently. He prepared a presentation in which he spoke about himself, and sent 700 letters all over Instagram, offering coach services with departure on the house. Among the recipients were a lot of stars. The strategy worked: responded to about a third, and 20 percent of the recipients came to the classes and become regulars Diceva.

The gym on the road

Slava, what’s your education?
Кто заставил похудеть Полину ГагаринуI graduated from the College of Commerce majoring in “chef-technologist”. Shy I won’t prepare well. I like to cook borsch, but the oven is not very much. —
And in sport as a hit?
Кто заставил похудеть Полину ГагаринуWhen I was five years old, my mother gave me in acrobatics. Thank her for it. I work with professionals – trainers Vladimir Nikolaev and Irina Belous. I gave 12 years of his life. Often went to the Championships. Partner and won many competitions in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. After moving to Moscow three years ago, got a job in a fitness club, but customers were sparse. From famous visitors were engaged only with Yulianna Karaulova. Then set out to work for themselves. —
Which artists immediately responded to you on Instagram? And why have you staked on stars?
Кто заставил похудеть Полину ГагаринуWas always interested in famous people’s lives, because it is shooting, events, constant movement. But most importantly I like to communicate with them. Perhaps somehow influenced by the fact that after the acrobatics I spent five years dancing break dance and fell in love with the stage. The first said Mitya Fomin, who was a man of the strongest quenching. We still train most often on the street – sports fields in Neskuchny garden. Mitya runs over the first three kilometres, then spend a half-hour workout, and back home he goes back Jogging. I am very grateful to him, because he talks about me with his popular friends. —
What you have to offer?
Кто заставил похудеть Полину ГагаринуI practice functional outdoor training. Its essence lies in the great outdoors. Sending letters on Instagram, have focused on individual sessions at a discount of 50 percent and leave the place. He takes the necessary attributes: dumbbells, mats, balls. Artists – people are very busy. Because of the constant touring they have no time to regularly visit a fitness club. In such cases, the coach with the departure, of course, very comfortable. —
Who recommended you Mitya Fomin?
Кто заставил похудеть Полину ГагаринуA lot of people, including Polina Gagarina, I am very pleased! Polina – wonderful and bright person. She had a goal to lose weight after the birth of a daughter. Began to engage, on 7 August three times a week. Then her weight was 56.5 kg, now – 53.8 kg, but our goal is 52, and it is not finite. I come to the singer outside the city, and sometimes we’re having two workouts in a row. And if Pauline and her husband Dima Iskhakova match weekend, they train with the whole family. The emphasis is on cardio and raise endurance. You have to give credit to the artist: with a busy schedule and a small child, you must have great will power, so hard to play sports. Sometimes shows sad eyes – like, tired, but still does not spare himself. Over the four months we spent more than forty training.
Кто заставил похудеть Полину Гагарину
Any advice on nutrition give Pauline?
Кто заставил похудеть Полину ГагаринуSuggest Breakfast cereals is a slow carbohydrates, which for a long time give a feeling of satiety, plus accelerates metabolism. To eat small portions 4-5 times a day. Dinner three hours before bedtime. One of the main rules – get up from the table a little hungry because the feeling of satiety comes not at once. Eat more vegetables, and fast carbs, including sweets, leave for the first half of the day. After lunch is good protein. And don’t forget water and a half – two liters per day.

Cheaper by the dozen

That often the clients ask for – perfect abs, firmer bum?
Кто заставил похудеть Полину ГагаринуPeople want to be beautiful and young as long as possible. Secret normal of body is slim legs. I recommend everyone to squat – at least 20-30 times a day, do strength deadlifts with dumbbells or a barbell and work the back, where most of the problem. With Aglaia Tarasova we have performed these basic exercises. She was so slender, so doing more for muscle tone. Plus we pumped his legs and made to the already good priest was perfect. After each workout, Tarasova dumped two pounds. Sometimes we have time to work out and miloš Bykowicz, the beloved actress. It is a pity that she left to star in Saint Petersburg. —
Know what you streusel and Katya Dobryakova, which has long been struggling with being overweight…
Кто заставил похудеть Полину ГагаринуYes, we worked all summer. She has lost four kilos and lost in volume. Then he began to fly frequently on business and halted the process.—
It happened that the client wanted to lose weight but rather to become stronger?
Кто заставил похудеть Полину ГагаринуYes. Artem Korolev had a goal to make the back wider, and he reached it.
Кто заставил похудеть Полину Гагарину
You make advertising on Instagram Polina Gagarina itself. How much should one exercise?
Кто заставил похудеть Полину ГагаринуThe average price of five thousand rubles. But for customers I often have great offers with good discounts. —
Tell me, how do and eat.
Кто заставил похудеть Полину ГагаринуRegularly attend hall, at least – a dance Studio. Plus I train clients during the day. So I need a lot of food to feel good. Can afford almost everything and fast food, and sweets. If necessary, dry the body to fly. As eliminate fats and add protein – chicken and dairy products. I’m 22, and I’m going to jump like a horse at least another 20 years! I also dream to work with Vera Brezhneva and Ani Lorak.