Кто виноват в скандале, приключившемся на «оскаровской» церемонии?
Proponents of conspiracy theories believe that the confusion during the ceremony — it was a bad joke Matt Damon.

Кто виноват в скандале, приключившемся на «оскаровской» церемонии?

The crew of the film “Moonlight”

Photo: freeze-frame of the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar”

last night in America, the award ceremony was marked by the most scandalous
misunderstanding in the history of the ceremony. Was erroneously declared the winner
in the main nomination — “Best film”. Winning is actually “Lunar
lights” actor is a veteran of the Warren Beatty called… “La La Land”! The awkwardness of the situation was aggravated by the fact that the misunderstanding was not corrected immediately. The members of the crew “La La land” managed to climb on stage, to figurines and even began to utter gratitude… And then only on stage ran one of the organizers
ceremony and hurriedly announced: “an error has Occurred! Winner — “Moonlight”!” Of course, the remaining
without a prize, and guests of the ceremony were in shock.

Matt Damon with wife Luciano

Photo: @celebrities_theoneandonly Instagram

It now remains to understand how such an accident even happened. Warren Beatty, who was entrusted to announce the winner in the main nomination, few blame in the incident. Warren this year will be 80 years old, and he was invited this year to a ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the release of the famous movie “Bonnie and Clyde”. As explained actor, he was in a terrible position. When Beatty opened the envelope, he read confusion on nested there the card: “Best actress — Emma stone (“La La Land”). Warren could not understand what to do — because Emma is literally five minutes before this is already got his “Oscar”. He paused, and then decided to take a chance, announcing the winner of the film, which all predicted “Oscar” — that is “La La Land”…

Apparently, Beatty casually handed an envelope of a spare set (by the rules, behind the scenes of the ceremony must be 2 suitcase with the same set of envelopes with names of winners). But why and how could this happen is a mystery. Supporters of conspiracy theories from the users of the Network are building the most incredible theory, which is shared in the social network. Someone blames Leonardo DiCaprio, who was declared the winner of the previous nomination — that is Emma stone. After all, he was supposed to be an envelope, which went to Beatty. Some believe that Leo accidentally put your envelope where it took Warren. But Emma already declared that this is impossible: DiCaprio handed her a card with her name on it along with a figurine and she supposedly never let it go.

And it has a crazy advanced version of fans master of ceremonies Jimmy Kimmel away. They believe that it was the worst and unfunny prank on Matt Damon. The fact is that, Kimmel and Matt long fight, and Damon is known as a desperate fan of “practical jokes”. He, according to supporters of this theory, it could be set to spoil Kimmel “finest hour”, because to obtain the right to conduct the ceremony is a great honor. Damon was among those invited to the ceremony, but exactly how Matt could implement such an intention, it is not clear…