Who is Nastya Fish: scandal Oleg Deripaska and an insult to Pavel Durov

Кто такая Настя Рыбка: скандал с Олегом Дерипаской и оскорбление Павла Дурова The businessman is suing the model, and she throws mud the Creator of the popular social networks. Oleg Deripaska has filed a lawsuit, which will be discussed the first of March. Previously, she accused the billionaire of rape, and then said that was just joking.
Кто такая Настя Рыбка: скандал с Олегом Дерипаской и оскорбление Павла Дурова

Recently Nastya Fish became the heroine of two scandalous situations connected with businessmen. Writer and blogger said about the rape Oleg Deripaska. She posted footage combines with the entrepreneur in a social network for everyone to see. The model demanded that he marry her, otherwise threatened to write a complaint to the authorities. Then she called this information a “fake” and “trolling stupid women”.

However, the billionaire has decided to sue the girl in court. As has told the lawyer of Fund of struggle against corruption Ivan Zhdanov, March 1, Ust-Labinsk, the Krasnodar region court will consider the claim of the businessman Oleg Deripaska to Anastasia, Vashukevich (real name Nastya Fish. – Ed.) and Alexander Kirillov (Alex Leslie, “the mentor” Fish, sex-guru. – Ed.).

A representative of Deripaska said that these people in their social networks posted private pictures with a picture of Oleg Vladimirovich, as well as audio recordings of his conversations made secretly. According to experts, a businessman will easily win.

Anastasia is not seriously the situation.

“Oleg Deripaska jealous of Alex Leslie and sue me in court. For this reason I am very much laughing and announce the casting of lawyers. Best of you I will give the chance to introduce me in this ridiculous process,” says the blogger in one of the movies in the microblog.

Specify that Nasty Fish is a follower of the theory Alex Leslie. Author of books on pick-up advises girls to make lists of men with whom, however, we wish to meet. Some time ago Fish made up such top sheet, which included many businessmen. Meeting with the Creator of a social network “Vkontakte” disappointed girl. She hurried to share emotions in microblog.

“Durov – it was a disappointment all my life! Pasha, it is impossible to live, hire a coach, coach or anyone! You pulled out the * * * in which you live. I thought the person who created the “Vkontakte”, should be bomber, open to the world. And the dude goes to the hood and a bunch of guards. He was afraid that I would take it off, and asked me to give him my phone. I gave because I had a goal to meet him. I really fanatela from this dude. But if the popularity turns you into a closed entity, it’s terrible. The star of the top men fell to the bottom. My heart is broken,” said Nastya in one of the posts.

Anastasia Fish – blogger and author of the books “Diary of seduction of a Billionaire, or a Clone of the oligarch”, “Eurotrash. Seduction of the rich to the poor.” It is known that she also provides escort services. In his book, she told me that she lived in a one bedroom apartment in Bobruisk with a foster mother-a surgeon who died.

According to some reports, She graduated from Mozyr state pedagogical University named after Shamyakin, in her profession, she’s a biology teacher.

In 2016, the Fish arrived in Moscow from Belarus and became a student of Alex Leslie. In his microblog she actively promotes its work and training.