«Кто это?» Поклонники не узнали Бритни Спирс
The singer was criticized for a new photo.

«Кто это?» Поклонники не узнали Бритни Спирс

Britney Spears


Britney Spears

Photo: @britneyspears (Instagram Britney Spears)

New photos of the 36-year-old Britney Spears made within the advertising
campaign new collection of the brand Kenzo, has made a
for fans of the singer ambiguous. On the one hand, pictures taken
famous photographer Peter Lindbergh, was very effective. But
the other, the Britney looks according to some fans, absolutely not
like herself.

Many fans of the singer have been
dismayed that the result of processing images with photoshop
the appearance of the Spears has changed almost beyond recognition. “Who is it?” —
puzzled asked one of the fans.
“It’s definitely not Britney!” — said another. Many came to the conclusion that the girl
the photo looks more like a Jessica Biel in her youth than on Spears. And they all
amicably wonder why it took so “correct” pictures, because Spears and without it looks great!

Over the past year
Britney under the influence of her boyfriend-bodybuilder Sam
Asgari, almost did not get out of the gym
and brought his body to such a shiny state in which it was not, even in 20 years. This, apparently, was one of the reasons why she was chosen
youth for advertising the Kenzo collection.

The Britney was very
satisfied with their cooperation experience with model building. However, on the set she didn’t feel too comfortable. “We shot right on the street, and I stood there in the clothes rather frivolous style… And in the last
while I try to avoid such things. Because I feel responsible
before sons. I least I wish they were ashamed of
the way I look and dress up!” said
Britney, whose sons are grown up and can fully appreciate the clothing style of the mother.
The older, Sean, has turned 12 years old and the youngest, Jaden, celebrated her
11-th birthday.