Кто «круче»? Фанаты вычислили, на кого Дарья Жукова променяла Романа Абрамовича
Network argue, has not lost the Russian galeristka?

Daria Zhukova, Stavros Niarhos

About two weeks ago the community was shocked with the news that Dasha Zhukova and Roman Abramovich announced the divorce. Immediately after this socialite Bozena of Rynska said in social networks: the initiator of the break was Daria, as she has a new man. Moreover, it is assured that knows the name of the chosen one famous galeristka, but to declassify it did not. But gave a hint: “He’s nice and big-nosed. As a young Abramovich, but more and more beautiful!” — said Rynska.

In order to calculate who is interested in Daria took some time, but it seems that the works of fans was a success. According to media reports, the Zhukova affair with 32-year-old billionaire Stavros Niarhos. It was he, according to rumors, was able to “recapture” Daria Roman. Stavros — the heir to one of the most influential Greek dynasties. The condition of his grandfather, the shipbuilding magnate, may not exceed capital Abramovich, but could compete with him. In addition, the Stavros family owns a Grand collection of art, which probably bribed Daria.

Stavros has a reputation as a womanizer: he attributed relationships with many Hollywood beauties. The most notorious novel, almost finished with the wedding, Niarhos was a “Queen of glamour” Paris Hilton. In addition, he attributed the affair to Mary Kate Olsen, Lindsay Lohan, and with the Swedish Princess Madeleine.

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