Who have been hounding Vadim Kazachenko

Кто устроил травлю Вадима Казаченко The singer promises to pay to the son. Now Vadim Kozachenko and Olga go to trial. They can not divide property in the suburbs. The actor said that encode the former chosen one from alcoholism.
Кто устроил травлю Вадима Казаченко

Last week, the musician and his girlfriend Irina Amanti addressed to the editor of “StarHit” to clarify the controversial situation with the wife of Vadim and Olga. She argues that the artist does not pay the alimony on the maintenance of the son. Vadim Kazachenko made a sensational statement

“Olga Dmitrievna shouted in broadcast programs: “He didn’t give a dime! Greedy!” This is sheer nonsense, – said Kozachenko at a meeting organized by the “StarHit”. The paid whole and even slightly more. Instead of 60 thousand rubles, gave eighty. Check there. I am a good citizen. When the boy was born, we were married. Any court will charge me with child support. But if we have a second DNA test because the results of previous we do not believe, may not have to pay more. After all, when we gave the first test, Olga quietly took the envelope and, without opening the said about the coincidence of all the genetic data”.

We will remind, one and a half year star 90 cannot resolve the conflict with the ex-fiancee. In 2014 Kazachenko married a fan of Olga Martynova. However, two years later decided to divorce. The reason was misconduct: Olga rarely came home last night, walked and saw.

“Encode it three times, – has shared with “StarHit” the singer. – It is prone to alcoholism. Can go in the morning on new year’s eve, and that ten days, or a week after my birthday. When we were husband and wife naturally felt responsible, like the best”.
Кто устроил травлю Вадима Казаченко

This spring, Olga Kazachenko filed for divorce, but later changed his mind and took. At the end of April on the same occasion the court asked Kozachenko. With the deadlock still not moved… Lawyer Vadim and Irina, Mr Panasyuk, has clarified: “the Problem is that Olga has no residence permit. Asked by the judge, where they live with the child, said – in different places. In this regard, the case was transferred to her last place of residence. I hope within a month the story will be closed”.

Now there are disputes about the property – the land and the unfinished house in the suburbs. According to the woman, buy she did for the money, October financial did not participate. The question: what means? After 10 years, Olga has no job.

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