Who gets the inheritance? Nikita Dzhigurda made a will

Кому достанется наследство? Никита Джигурда составил завещание
The showman feels the approach of death.

Nikita Dzhigurda

Photo: @instadzhigurda Instagram Nikita Dzhigurda

Nikita Dzhigurda complains that trial in the case of the deceased Lyudmila Bratash have a negative impact on his health. Yesterday, the entertainer complained of deterioration of health. In this regard, he publicly stated that, in anticipation of death, made a will.

Inheritance Dzhigurda according to the document will be divided into three parts. The share of funds will go to Marina Anisina those, other parts children: Micke-Angelo-Christy and daughter Eva-Vlad. But the names of the principal heirs of the showman in his will did not specify. Nikita, after a divorce and so ensured ex-wife — Jan Pavelkovskaya real estate and car, so did not consider it necessary to provide some financial assistance. Besides, the sons still refuse to communicate with his own father.

“The will was three heir: Anisina and two of our children. Older sons I have not mentioned, they will get what they want to give Marina. When I left Jana Pavelkovskaya, then left for the kids a big apartment, a car. So they inherited I have already provided”, — commented the decision of the chair in the “You wouldn’t believe!”. After a week, by the way, will be another hearing in the case on inheritance Dzhigurda million Bratash.