Who gave birth at the age of 11 Valya Isaeva, fought off ex-lover’s wife

Родившая в 11 лет Валя Исаева отбила экс-возлюбленного у жены The young woman said she would do anything for Habib Patagonula played a wedding abroad. Valentina Isaeva still have feelings for the father of her children. The participants of the family drama was found in the Studio of “actually”.
Родившая в 11 лет Валя Исаева отбила экс-возлюбленного у жены

After Habib Pataponov broke up with Valentina Isaeva, he got married to Zarine. However, after a while the man decided to divorce. Pataponov met up with his ex-wife and Isayeva in the program “really”. The previous meeting between Valentina and Zarina was with the scandal – young women locked in the Studio. According to Isayeva, she still loves Patagonula and ready for him at all. Moreover, Valentine said about pregnancy from Habib.

Who gave birth at the age of 11 Valya Isaeva beat bride-to-be husband

Pataponov agreed to come to the Studio only when I learned about an interesting position Isayeva.

“My term of 8 weeks, Habib has no month and a half. He knows that I’m pregnant. I thought he was overjoyed when he learns about it. But no such reaction followed. As far as I know, sarin is not his official wife, and the Islamic wife. I think the relatives persuaded him to marry. Footage of the Sarin I saw by chance, in the program “Let them talk”. I was shaking, because all this time, Habib swore to the contrary. He told me he loved me and come back to us with the children,” said Valentine.
Родившая в 11 лет Валя Исаева отбила экс-возлюбленного у жены

Isayeva says, she even thought to commit suicide. “I didn’t care I wasn’t even thinking about children. If only to sleep and Wake up. Because I trust him and believe still. We are with him 15 years together, it can’t be erased just like that. Please come back, changed his mind. I can’t live without you” – with these words Valentina turned to Habib. According to Isayev, the man does not like Zarin, and got married out of revenge. Once Valentine went from Habib to another.

When Pataponov appeared in the Studio program, he said about betrayal Isayeva. “You lied to me. I left, wanting to forget everything. But I couldn’t. Because children are innocent. Yes, I wrote to you. Just wanted to know how you and the kids. I failed to erase from memory. I promised you to come, but only to help. The maximum that can we get it to stay friends,” said the man. Polygraph examiners found that in his Epistles Habib swore Valentina’s affections. “A double life. It turns out that you cheated on two women?” asked Patagonula presenter Dmitry Shepelev. The hero of the program said that such a step it pushed the fear to hurt Valentina.

Родившая в 11 лет Валя Исаева отбила экс-возлюбленного у жены

Speaking about the reasons for breaking up with his wife, Habib said that was unhappy with life together with Zarina.

“I loved her. As long as the sarin showed itself. I let her go,” explained the man.
Родившая в 11 лет Валя Исаева отбила экс-возлюбленного у жены

In the program it became clear that Valentine has lost a third child from Habib. However, Sabina Pantus said that the character is lying. According to the expert, Isaeva came up with the pregnancy, wanting to get back an ex-lover. “Val, am I right?” asked Pantus a young woman, to which she replied in the affirmative.

Islamic wife Zarina Habib Rakhimov also said that she became pregnant and lost the baby. “I had a miscarriage in the fifth week,” said she. Hearing the confession Zarina, Dmitry Shepelev suspected her of lying. However, the polygraph showed the opposite, and Rakhimov was indeed in an interesting position. Habib emotionally added that really wanted to build a family with Zarina, but she ruined it. As it turned out, Parajanov were married Rahimova from vengeance Isayeva. Hearing the confessions of ex-lover, sarin cried. “Why did you pick me as a victim?” she exclaimed.

Родившая в 11 лет Валя Исаева отбила экс-возлюбленного у жены

Rakhimov was supported by brother, condemned the behavior of the Habib. “I’m sorry you had such a bastard. Rag, which has no in life the exact coordinates. Girls, he plays with you. We want you, moron, given the chance. Habib, you are disgraced, canceled his manhood and chance,” said cousin Zarina.

At the end of the program revealed that Isayeva and Patagonula do have feelings to each other. Valentina has forgiven Habib, and he doesn’t want to put an end to the relationship with the mother of his children. “Feelings are not gone,” said the man. Do reunited ex-lovers is an open question.