Who gave birth at the age of 11 Valya Isaeva beat bride-to-be husband

Родившая в 11 лет Валя Исаева избила будущую невесту мужа The wife of Habib Patagonula sorry live. However, he refuses to be with her. In the program “In fact,” her husband introduced the new bride. Isayev grabbed her by the hair.
Родившая в 11 лет Валя Исаева избила будущую невесту мужа

Heroes new episode “actually” began Valentine Isaeva and Habib Pataponov. About six months ago, the couple broke up. A young woman, who gave birth in 11 years, has accused the wife that he had laid a hand on her. She went to her lover Victor Popov. Val claimed to have dated him in secret from Habib for a long time.

However, in the transfer of Dmitry Shepelev Isayev decided to apologize to Atahanova. He came to the Studio with the statement: the guy is willing to end the marriage with a young woman.

“No divorce, I will not let him Let it did not even hope,” responded Valentine.
Родившая в 11 лет Валя Исаева избила будущую невесту мужа

Isayev decided to prove that he never cheated on his wife. “I realized all the mistakes that I’ve done wrong, we have kids, they need their dad,” said the woman. Khabib is not ready to forgive her, he remembers how he suffered when a spouse is gone.

Previously Valentina was going to leave Moscow together with Popov and leave in Kabardino-Balkaria. But after a while Isayev broke up with lover, returned home, and then decided to go to work.

Experts believe that Pataponov and Isayev lying in the Studio. According to Valentina, Habib helps her with the children and also stopped to raise her hand. Her husband confirmed that he is planning to marry another girl. The experts have found out Pataponov telling the truth, but he wants to do it out of spite.

Valentine continues to insist that Habib was cheating on his wife. Last time his treachery was proved.

Родившая в 11 лет Валя Исаева избила будущую невесту мужа

After the filming of the talk show “Let them talk”, where Valentina was introduced to Victor with the children, she disappeared. A guy met a girl online. Few weeks they met in real life. According to him, the young woman claimed that is in the process of divorce. Popov was ready to marry her.

“We met in different places, in hotels,” says former lover Go.

Isayev sought protection from Victor, but in fact was not going to get married. The experts found out that the young man is lying, answering questions about if he was going to marry Vale. In addition, parents Popov was initially against his relationship with the mother of two children. We also found out that Viktor and Valentina had entered into an intimate relationship.

Родившая в 11 лет Валя Исаева избила будущую невесту мужа

Experts urged Isaev and Patagonula to make up for the kids. “I can’t forgive and don’t want this girl to live,” said Habib.

The man is going to marry. The Studio came the bride Pachomova. About looking for new girls, he said after filming the last program. Habib asked my mother to find him a girlfriend, “home” girl. Her name is Zarina. Personally they’ve never met. Isayev argues that Habib consulted with her on how to live with the chosen one.

Zarina started to fuss, hardly appeared in the Studio. She started to say that Habib is her Islamic husband. Valya started to cry and the husband and his bride.

“First explain to the children that you have another wife,” says Isayev.
Родившая в 11 лет Валя Исаева избила будущую невесту мужа

Unable to cope with emotions, Valentine attacked with fists on Zarina and grabbed her by the hair. Employees talk shows began to separate women. Isayev has damaged the nose of the opponent.

The experts agreed that Val is still fighting for her husband. However, she still has not forgiven Habib for the harm caused to her husband. Expert Roman Ustyuzhanin also asked a question about cheating Isayeva. It turned out that she had other men besides Habib and Victor.

“I will make sure that everything will change,” – said Isayev of the pleas was present in the Studio.