“Who cleaned?” Became known the names of mentors, the new season of the show “the Voice”

«Кого убрали?» Стали известны имена наставников нового сезона шоу «Голос»
The first channel fulfilled the dream of the fans.

Leonid Agutin, Pelageya and Dima Bilan

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The leadership of the First channel listened to the requests of viewers. On the eve it became known about which of the stars will become mentors in the new season of the show “the Voice.” As it turned out, the signature red chair will return the “Golden” part of the program. It includes Dima Bilan, Pelageya, Leonid Agutin and Alexander Gradsky, reports Dni.ru. Rumors that “the Voice” will return the original line-up went in the spring, but previously no direct evidence for these assumptions was not received.

It is most difficult to begin shooting was wringing, she until recently was on maternity leave and did not give much hope for a speedy return to work. The last season of “the Voice”, the singer missed due to her pregnancy. In January of this year she first became a mother. Pelagia gave birth to hockey player Ivan Telegin daughter Taisiya. Since then, it took a little time out in a career that ended only recently.

It’s surprising that in the show returns Alexander Gradsky, who left the project with the scandal. In 2016, he supposedly had a conflict with the producers of the program, who offered him too small honorarium for their participation. Later, however, there is another version of his departure: victory hieromonk Photius city is so disappointed that he didn’t want to be a mentor on the Voice.

Bilan and Agutin had mentors in the previous season. By the way, ward, Leonid — Daria Antonyuk became the winner of the last season of the musical competition.