Who brought the Princess Beatrice to tears?!

Кто довел принцессу Беатрису до слез?!

Кто довел принцессу Беатрису до слез?!

Princess Beatrice is in turmoil after her father Prince Andrew missed his chance to explain his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein during a disastrous interview to the BBC. According to the source, because of this incident, the Princess was in tears at the party on the occasion of the birthday of her fiance.

Reportedly, the 31-year-old Princess Beatrice was upset after he saw the fatal interview with her father Prince Andrew in “Newsnight”, and since then could not hold back the tears. Beatrice’s mother, Duchess Sarah Ferguson, originally arranged an interview with the BBC in the hope that her ex-husband would explain his relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. “Initially, Beatrice was skeptical about that television interview which will inevitably bare the personal life of her father, it was such a good idea,” said the source. “But at the end of the meeting, the team of Newsnight and Amanda Thirsk (the personal Secretary of Prince Andrew) convinced her that they have no choice — it was the only way to put all rumors behind.”

Кто довел принцессу Беатрису до слез?!

This is clearly not turned out as they expected. An interview with Andrew for the air force November 17 was a PR nightmare from which he retired from Royal duties. His mother, Queen Elizabeth II, even canceled the celebration of his 60th birthday. During the interview he vowed that he was no good with Epstein and did not know about his widely publicized sexual crimes. He even invited him to the celebration of the 18th anniversary of Beatrice in 2006. Because the arrest warrant was issued Epstein at the beginning of this year.
“I fully recognize that my judgment was probably painted my inclination to honor,” — said the Prince on a trip to new York in 2010 to visit Epstein after his release from prison — which, he argues, had to break off their friendship in person. He said that Virginia Roberts, who claimed she slept with him in the mansion of Epstein when she was just 17 years old, have not spoken the truth. The proof was that she claimed that he was sweating”. According to Andrew, it can’t be true, because he’s supposedly sick with the disease during the war in the Falkland Islands, which limits its sweating. 66-year-old Epstein committed suicide in his prison cell in August 2019 after being charged in the illegal trade in minors and the allegations of conspiracy.

After her father failed an interview, Beatrice reportedly looked tear-stained, when she arranged the celebration of the 36th birthday of her fiance on November 19. Unknown “member of the entourage of a Princess” told the press that the party Edoardo Mapelli of Mozzi was “awkward and solemn”. The celebration itself was scheduled the next day after Andrew left with their Royal duties. “Beatrice was dark and without makeup on birthday,” the source said. “She’s probably worried that her mascara will run. Sometimes she seemed quite sad. In fact, since then, came out of the interview, Beatrice was crying every day.”

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