Whitney Houston was bisexual.

Уитни Хюстон была бисексуалкой

Rumors about the novel, the famous American singer Whitney Houston with her assistant Robin Koford appeared shortly before the tragic death of the actress in 2009, they’re now stretched to the surface. Wednesday was the premiere of the documentary “Whitney: Can I be myself?” (“Whitney: Can I Be Me”), which tells about the relationship of the singer with her best friend and assistant, hinting that the pair was more than friends.

“I don’t think she was a lesbian, I think she was bi. In relations h Robin, she found the calm that couldn’t find with men” — told in the documentary stylist Ellin Lavar.
Ex-husband and father of her daughter Whitney and Bobby brown do not like the movie and thought fiction, but insiders close to Houston, you know his attitude to the ribbon.
“Robin and Whitney were like twins. They were inseparable and even Bobby couldn’t affect their friendship and alienate Robin. He wanted to be the first violin in their Whitney relationship, but it never happened,” said Kevin Ammons, who worked as a security guard of the singer.
“Bobby brown and Robin Kroufond was like fire and ice, they hated each other, fought each other for the love and attention of Whitney and Bobby did not always come out a winner,” remembers David Roberts, the bodyguard Whitney.
When Robin disappeared from the life of Houston in 2000, the life of the singer has gone downhill.
“It was the only person who could have saved Whitney. For Houston only became fatal,” said Roberts.
Met women in 1979 in East orange, Whitney’s career soon went up sharply. In many interviews she thanked my assistant Robin Crawford.