White crosses Old Polina on the heels of Olga Buzova

Белые кроссы  Полины Стар наступают на пятки Ольге Бузовой
On the eve of Olga Buzova boasted that broke a new record for downloads of his new track, but the young singer POLINA STAR literally broke Itunes with his debut song and stormed the highest positions.

Белые кроссы  Полины Стар наступают на пятки Ольге Бузовой

Telling your track, clear to today’s youth, fashion history of the “white crocs”, it immediately hit the top chart of Russian ITunes.

Pauline’s only 21, but she has already announced himself as a talented and promising singer in the style of R&B Soul, and for this she has all the prerequisites. It has an attractive appearance, intelligent, talented and has a very powerful voice.

About herself she says with humor: “I’m crazy, kind, sincere, absolutely not diffident, loyal, do not pronounce the letter “R” with my sister is very similar, we differ on the mole: I have it on the left cheek, and my sister does not. With childhood dreams of becoming a Star!”

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