Пока Бузова лежит под капельницей, Тарасов развлекается на Мальдивах

Olga fell ill due to stress, and Dmitry restores the nerves to the rest.

Leading “House-2” in these few weeks of the crisis managed to undermine their health. 30-year-old star of the TV show used to share with fans in social networks almost everyone. Only about divorce decided not to extend. Divorce proceedings so exhausted her, that she was sick. Buzova even called a “disappointing diagnosis,” and commented on it.

“Post a photo in any case not for the fact that you took pity on me, – explained in the comments. — I am young and strong, all that teaches me fate, I will take … But! Apparently, the stress, nerves and a tight schedule of work weakened my body, and he could not resist. I became seriously ill. Now will be engaged in the health and prevention! Came the doctor, unfortunately, put a disappointing diagnosis – acute bronchitis. I’m sure I’ll be back on your feet and cope with everything, how hard I had it and no matter how I tried to break”.

Meanwhile, Dmitry Tarasov continues to have fun in the Maldives. The footballer went on a fabulously beautiful island for the first time in recent years with Olga. The athlete took with him his mother, sister and her husband Yes nephews. As seen in the video that Dimitri posted in his blog, one of the sons of the sister of Catherine, he conducts aquatic training, teaches the boy to dive.

A video posted by tarasov23 (@tarasov23) on Dec 19, 2016 at 2:40am PST

Some fans support ex-lover Buzova, looking at his kids: “Lucky nephews with uncle Dima, and you’re a good dad! Wish you have a nice family and a warm cozy home. With the divorce you’re right!”. Other fans sporstmena remind that in Moscow there Olga, who on the grounds of divorce, also fell ill. Tarasov prefers disease former lover not to comment.

Recall: a footballer and TV presenter was found about five years ago. At that time, Tarasov for three months lived with his first wife, Oksana, who in 2009 gave birth to his daughter. In 2012 the footballer and TV personality got married. Both tried in vain to disperse quietly – December 2, the whole country learned that both made statements about divorce in the Moscow registry office. Officially free Olga and Dmitry will be at the end of the year, 30 Dec.