Из чего составляется стоимость лечения в медицинском центре Imedical в Израиле

The trend of medical tourism is growing not only among stars but also among ordinary citizens. This is because to obtain effective treatment from professionals with experience using modern equipment in the clinic in Israel medical center Imedical Center at an affordable price.
In clinics of Israel employs highly qualified neurosurgeons, cardiologists, orthopedists, oncologists and other specialists, who are in no way inferior to the level of clinics on a global scale. Close cooperation with many medical centres helps to select for the clinic’s clients with the best conditions that are ideally suited for the individual case and preferences of the patient.

To go to be treated in Israel solve many under the influence of the factor that the prices in this country is much less than in Europe or the United States, and the quality is not inferior to other foreign medical centers.

The duration of stay

Each case faced by the patient and his physician, determines the individual time spent in the hospital in Israel. Period determined by the attending physician, which makes the program of treatment and rehabilitation after her.
For each day of hospital stay need to pay a certain amount. For the price of stay in the hospital you not only get qualified treatment under the supervision of a professional, but quality service, communication, and the ability at any time to address questions and requests to your doctor.

The choice of treatment programs

The cost of treatment in Israel medical center Imedical Center also depends on by your Clinician program. The plan determines the number of therapeutic manipulation and the degree of difficulty to achieve the best result in treatment of the diagnosis. Removal of tumors that require complex procedures will cost much more than a simple massage.


The total amount the patient must pay for the full treatment also depends on the skill of the specialist. An experienced doctor backed by many years of practice and saved many lives, cost a lot of money.

The most popular procedures

On the official website of the medical center Imedical Center available a list of the most popular procedures and their prices. Using the table you can determine the approximate cost of carrying out such manipulations:

  • MRI one Department;
  • PET CT;
  • Computed tomography;
  • Computer angiography;
  • Cardioscan.

Treatment cost is determined individually for each client, taking into account all the above points. Learn more about the price of treatment in Israel can be listed on the site phone numbers.