Which is better for the garden: cultivators or tillers

Что лучше для дачи: культиватор или мотоблок

Work in the country for many has become an integral part of life, and with the development of agricultural mechanization it is even easier. Affordable and convenient units for soil treatment has become a reliable helper in the garden and the vegetable garden.

The cultivator allows you to make time-consuming process easier and more convenient. The tillers performing the same tasks, but with a large scope of functions. Many gardeners wonder what is better to choose for summer? Each of the units has many advantages and individual features. In order to determine the choice, consider these features.

The differences between the cultivator and tillers

Tillers is a motor unit with the ability to use attachments. It’s worth noting that without it the benefits will be equal to 0. Cultivator — a machine used to prepare the soil for planting.

Что лучше для дачи: культиватор или мотоблок

Functional differences

  • Large set of accessories (cutters, plows, harrows allow you to use a walk-behind tractor for preparing the soil, planting and caring for crops, harvesting, cleaning. If equipped with a walk-behind tractor by the trailer, it will turn into a small tractor.
  • A cultivator will allow you to process the soil and mix it with fertilizers.
  • Given such differences between the machines, it would seem that there should be no questions about which one is better to buy, but a more in-depth study of two units will allow us to understand that it is not. First of all, it should be noted that highly specialized machine is much better cope with their tasks than mnogofunkcional.


    The tillers, the weight of which is approximately equal to 100 kg, has a reinforced frame, wide wheel base, complex transmission, good cooling system, the possibility of fixing the equipment. All these accessories add a few dozen pounds. Therefore, to manage the walk-behind is more difficult, fatigue occurs much faster.

    Что лучше для дачи: культиватор или мотоблок

    Cultivator, the weight of which is in the range of 30-50 kg, can load in the trailer a man in average physical condition without any extraneous effort. Manage much easier, all problems are solved effectively.

    Что лучше для дачи: культиватор или мотоблок

    The tillers will be appropriate for a small village or large farmer who has a large area of land. In a small area its high efficiency would not be necessary. Therefore, in this article we take a closer look at the selection process of the cultivator.

    What the cultivator is better and how to choose

    Any mechanism before you buy to learn on the subject of technical characteristics. For the cultivator important:

    • the width and depth of processing;
    • power;
    • weight;
    • the volume of the fuel tank.

    What should be the power of the engine?

    The more horsepower is in a stock, the better and more efficient will operate the cultivator. But too high power leads to higher fuel consumption and labor costs. But given that with the cultivator solves a narrow range of tasks, production costs do not play a primary role. Cottager, which handles a couple of acres of garden, need 3-5 HP This motor will be easy and economical. 5-10 acres is best to handle with the help of a unit with a capacity of 5-7 HP, These models are more durable and productive.

    Что лучше для дачи: культиватор или мотоблок

    Optimum width and depth of capture

    It is logical to assume that the more width, the more area can be treated. But here we must be very careful, as the increase in the area can lead to a reduced load on 1 knife and as a consequence, less effective work, push the Assembly will be harder. Similar situation with depth of capture. In both cases, the load on the machine increases, the result of which affects the engine, and increases fuel consumption.

    The optimal capture width is considered to be 60-90 cm universal models have this indicator. For compact models width will be equal to 30-60 cm wider grip requires a high power motor, wide and heavy frame, so in this case, the tillers will be more convenient choice.

    Что лучше для дачи: культиватор или мотоблок

    The optimal depth for the cultivator is To see 20-35 make sure you select the correct depth, it is necessary to be guided by the area of the garden and soil type. Sandy soil and black earth it is possible to handle with a blade depth of 20-25 cm and a Rate of 30 cm will be appropriate in the case of heavy soils. For deeper penetration used walk-behind tractor.

    The weight of the unit

    The main advantage of the cultivator is its weight. The less weight, the less he will be stuck in the mud, respectively vacationers will be much easier to cope with it. Practice shows that the optimum ratio of power and weight is 1:10. For small models it will be enough 2-3 HP, while the mass shall be not less than 25 kg. the Device, whose power 6-7 HP, must weigh 40 kg. Weight more than 100 kg — this is a walk-behind.

    Tank capacity fuel

    Size of fuel tank determines the duration of operation on one filling. Small cultivators not consume a lot of fuel, but the fuel tank and they have little. For example, a cultivator with a power of 6 HP with a tank volume of 1 liter will have to refuel every 10 minutes. The optimum tank capacity of 3-5 litres.

    Other features

    Many other factors that are not critical to the operation of the cultivator, is also important, because they facilitate the process of exploitation. For example, the presence of the steering wheel will let you adjust the height of the unit and to set the angle of inclination. The presence of a reverse gear allows you to handle difficult sites, without unfolding the cultivator. Transport wheel makes is much easier to move the machine on site.

    The choice of the cultivator — it’s not 5 minutes, so better purchase to spend more time to work in the garden was productive.


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