Whether Prosche: Lee auto show for 6 million

Будь Prosche: Хилькевич показала авто за 6 миллионов

Star of TV series “Univer” bought a car worth several million rubles.

Monday is a hard day, right? Not only for Anna Khilkevich. The young mom’s week began with a favorite women’s studies class shopping, and bought the frame a couple of dresses and luxury car brand Porsche.

Expensive purchase, and this machine is worth millions, the star said she published in Instagram photo on the white background of the car, tied with a red bow.

“A week should start with a pleasant shopping experience, as they say, be prosche – and people will be attracted to you. All productive week,” wrote the actress.

And, of course, envious not long in coming. Many were outraged that in such difficult times when people lose their jobs and don’t know how to make ends meet, the stars tease their dear life.

“It is with us in the Maly theatre is so good earn?”, “Here’s the crisis some,” the reaction of the audience.

But most fans, having rushed to congratulate her and with humor reacted to the purchase.

“I Shawarma with coffee in the morning bought,” shared one user.

“You Borshce now to prepare often,” summed up another fan.

Machine Anna really is incredible. We can only be happy for the actress to wish her good roads, and those who are jealous should just stop viewed the accounts of stars.

It’s the easiest way out. Right?

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