Where will Natalya Podolskaya's son go to school Natalya Podolskaya was shocked by the injustice.

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/b320e3b8e07796ab59b35315a0847543.jpg" alt="Where will the son of Natalia Podolskaya go to study" /> Recall that the eldest son of the singer and Vladimir Presnyakov turned 7 years old and next fall he has to go to school. What was Natalya's surprise when she found out that classes in schools last only half a day, and after dinner the offspring will come home. This was not the case in kindergarten!

Where will the son of Natalia Podolskaya go to study

This circumstance forced Podolskaya to seriously look for a school where you can fuse your child for a full day. Fortunately for the mother, such an institution was found, of course, this is an elite gymnasium not far from their country village. There, the son will spend the whole day, first studying, then playing and studying in circles, and most importantly, doing homework.

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