Где снимет следующий клип Бейонсе?

In early June, the 36-year-old Beyonce and 48-year-old Jay-Z released a new album and a video for the song Apes**t, which was filmed in the Louvre. The action occurred against the backdrop of iconic paintings and statues. Many felt the controversial clip, but Beyonce does not stop there. Looks like the next clip, the singer was going to shoot in the Coliseum.

Где снимет следующий клип Бейонсе?

“Beyonce and Jay Z visited the Louvre four times in the last ten years. During his last visit in may 2018, they explained their idea of shooting. The time was very compressed, but representatives of the Louvre, quickly convinced, because the synopsis showed real affection for the Museum and his main works”, — said the insider. As long as the public is trying to find out how much did it cost to shoot in the Louvre.

Now the stars are going to make a video in the Coliseum, even despite the fact that the Ministry of culture of Italy turned them down. The fact that the stars made a request for the permission of filming the sights on 7 and 8 July, but the date of the scheduled shooting of the TV show scientist paleontologist Alberto Angela. But Beyonce is not going to surrender and will look for other dates in order to be back in the Coliseum. Recall that once the singer has already starred in the amphitheater for advertising Pepsi along with Britney Spears and Pink.

Indeed, what is Beyonce shooting for a couple of days, if she has already acquired the whole Church! Beyonce as a true believer, decided to save the Church in New Orleans from fading. Ancient temple built in the early 1900’s, has been empty for a long time, so the singer decided to buy it for 850 000$. The Church has an area of 7 500 sq.meters.

Mass in the Church House of God In The Big Easy for a long time was not carried out, and its Ministers died. Now the place will come alive, and it will be a lot of parishioners. The sister of beyoncé, Solange, by the way, lives nearby. I hope that she will support her sister and to attend Church.

Beyonce is very popular among believers. A recent Liturgy, held in grace Cathedral in San Francisco, was completely devoted to the singer. About a thousand people, celebrated singer, and sang her songs.

Such an act was not surprised to have fans, but only recently her mother gave an interview in which he talked about star-struck daughter. 64-year-old Tina Knowles Lawson gave an interview to a leading Maria Shriver about their methods of education and star-struck daughter.

As a child, Tina Knowles thinks her mom loved my brother more than her, so raising two daughters, she took into account all grievances and tried to pay enough attention to both of them. “I had days that I spent with each individually. On Wednesday I left work and it was the day Solange. She was younger than Beyonce, and it was difficult because Bi was five years older, and also a little superstar in our city,” shared Tina.