Where to buy all the most useful for health and beauty?

Где купить все самое полезное для красоты и здоровья?

A healthy lifestyle is now easier than ever. Superfoods, organic food supplements, vitamins for skin beauty and hair, natural cosmetics, protein shakes, herbal teas and aromatic oils — all these can now be purchased in one place!

Everything is under control

In the trend – natural and healthy lifestyle. But admit it, how many times have you vowed to start eating right Monday or promised to buy only natural cosmetics or vitamins? Often the most optimistic plans and good beginnings breaking on the harsh reality – in the shop there is no necessary products, and to find the vitamins or cosmetics, you need to spend hours in the network to find the right online boutique. “Photomarket”, a new project known pharmaceutical company “Evalar” will not go the distance and without much effort to really stick to a healthy lifestyle.

In this store there is, perhaps, all that may be necessary: all kinds of products for health and beauty, vitamins, food and cosmetics from leading manufacturers. In product quality there is no doubt: the specialists of “Evalar” scrutinize not only the standard documents for each product, but also monitor the legality of components and their security closely monitor the expiration dates. In the end, on the shelf of Fotomarket” only proven means.

Individual approach

Axiom No. 1: not all natural products are combined with each other, and they cannot always be taken at the same time. Axiom # 2: if you have never bought herbal teas, not well versed in vitamins or sports supplements and really do not understand the preparations for joint health, independent choice need money risks turn into real torture. That is why in “Photomarket” experts on healthy lifestyle, who know all about the compatibility of different funds and the rules for their effective reception. They advise every visitor, helping to choose suitable methods for plant components. All serious: each of these consultants is an expert in the field of healthy nutrition and well-versed not only in the range of “Photomarket”, but in the latest HLS trends.

More than 1000 kinds of healthy foods, vitamins and means to maintain the beauty and health are presented in the “Photomarket”

Food basket

“Fotomarket – store of a new format where a variety of tools to maintain the health and beauty side by side with the latest innovations in the field of healthy nutrition. Therefore, it can easily become the favorite family shop, where adults and children will find useful and delicious products. For example, one of the modern trends – organic food, including for kids. The raw material for such products is obtained without the use of synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers, growth regulators or GMOs. In “Fotomarket you can select organic cereal or pasta, can – healthy snacks like high protein and fiber bars (a great alternative to the chocolate).

To fashionable Superfoods include, for example, Chia seeds, Goji berries and acai berries, cacao beans, spirulina. This all — herbal products with a balanced composition and a high concentration of nutrients. Superfoods deservedly won the love of fans of a healthy lifestyle in the world! On the shelves of Photomarket” you will find a large selection, and consultants will tell you how to include Superfoods in your daily menu.

For sport and relaxation

Those who are actively involved in sports know that to achieve impressive results and a beautiful toned body helps sports nutrition. Natural products of this series are also represented in the “Photomarket”: protein shakes that supply the body with amino acids and proteins, natural energy drinks, preparations for strengthening joints and ligaments. And, of course, various vitamin complexes, which will help you feel fresh and active! Well, to relax and relieve stress will help teas — say, from fragrant herbs of the Altai.

“Photomarket” – a space for healthy shopping!

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