Где отдыхает Ричард Гир с Алехандрой Сильва?

Richard Gere continues to enjoy family life with his beloved Alejandra Silva. The couple went on vacation in Capri. The couple walked along the pier and took a ride on boats and were captured by photographers.

Где отдыхает Ричард Гир с Алехандрой Сильва?

“Lately I’ve been living a quiet and happy life, the way I always wanted,” admitted gir in a recent interview.
“Before I met him, I lived with the feeling of a lost soul and didn’t believe that at the end of this dark tunnel may be the light. And only Richard that filled life with meaning,” added Alejandra.

Recall, may 12 a 68-year-old Richard Gere and his 35-year-old girlfriend Alejandra Silva officially became husband and wife. A small ceremony was held in the suburbs of new York under the rules of Buddhism.

Spanish magazine HOLA! actively lighten my life now couple. Smart journalists were able to obtain exclusive rights to film the newlyweds, after which put them on the cover of the new issue. “I’m the happiest person in the universe. And can it be otherwise? Alejandra’s beautiful, smart, sensitive, funny…” — said the actor.

From Alejandra journalists also inquired about life with Gere. “I’m dying of love… Every morning he asks me: “What would make you happy today?” What could be more romantic than when a beloved man celebrates you every day?” — said Silva.

In 1991, Gere tied the knot with super model Cindy Crawford, but they lived together for only four years. After the divorce it took seven long years and a gir decided to try himself in family life, taking to wife the model Carey Lowell. In 2013, the couple filed for divorce.