Где Пелагея? Ивана Телегина засняли в объятиях незнакомки
Hockey player celebrated with friends two holiday.


12 hours

Fans Pelagia was puzzled with a new video with her husband Ivan by Telegony appeared on the Network the night before. The footage posted in social networks, Russian hockey player was filmed in the capital’s restaurant the kiss with a certain brunette named Karina. Spiteful critics immediately launched a vigorous discussion on the possible infidelity of Ivan. However, the girl trapped in the lens shot, most likely, is just a close friend of Ivan, and fans in vain to inflate the scandal of the blue. By the way, on the quay the friends gathered at the restaurant to celebrate his birthday. Today Ivan was 26 years old.

I want to believe that in the relationship of Pelagia and Telegin harmony prevails, which, incidentally, evident from her recent interview. 14 Feb singer arrived for the Olympic games in South Korea and told reporters about how worried about her husband. “I see how much effort and soul is given to hockey and understand how important it was to get into the team and go to Games. And in General athletes — they are people of amazing strength. Every day I see your husband and I admire the willpower of professional athletes, it’s the heroes who give their health in order to them proud. Therefore, take this opportunity to appeal to fans with the request not to abuse children. Better keep them as they can. Believe me, for them now it is very important”, — quotes RT pelage.

Experiences Pelagia was not in vain. A team of Russian hockey players brought home the long-awaited “gold”. Ivan, however, to go on the ice in the finals failed. “Hard survived the 70 minutes. Sat on a bench and prayed that we all turned out well,” he told reporters Telegin after the ceremony.

Recall that a year ago, Pelagia and John became parents. The singer and athlete daughter was born, which was called the beautiful name of Taisiya.