Where and when can say goodbye with Mikhail Zadornov?

Где и когда можно будет проститься с Михаилом Задорновым?
Became known the date and venue of the farewell.

Где и когда можно будет проститься с Михаилом Задорновым?

Mikhail Zadornov


As it became known, relatives of the deceased on the eve of Mikhail Zadornov announced the date and venue of the farewell with the artist. To accompany the idol of the Russians in the last journey will be on 12 November at 13 o’clock at the mortuary of a mortuary at clinical hospital “Medsi” on Pyatnitskoe highway.

According to the last will remember, he wanted to find peace in Latvia, where his parents are buried. Jurmala for the satirist has always been an iconic city because he is originally from Latvia. Long before illness, in 2014, the actor said that he really wants to be buried in this country. “Here are the graves of my parents, grandparents. I would be sorry if do not bury me in Latvia”, commented Zadornov, when the media has information that it wants to revoke the residence permit.

The memory of the beloved satirist. Photo of extraordinary home of Mikhail Zadornov in Jurmala

Michael’s ashes will be sent back immediately after the ceremony. Relatives of the satirist asked to be sensitive to the situation and not to make a fuss about the death of the artist.