When the parade: Kim went shopping half naked

При параде: Ким отправилась на шопинг полуголая

Socialite literally cannot go through a day without having to not to show the world its charms. Even a shopping trip with the family it was turned into a strip show.

Pictures from the microblogging Kim Kardashian at the wedding of her close friend have already spread all over the light. For them, the star appeared in, to put it mildly, provocative. There does it to stop not wanted, and therefore went with the whole family for shopping. Miami will long remember the outfit Kim!

For walks scandalous celebrity chose a very strange toilet in which she looked virtually naked. The choice fell on Kardashian white crop top and tight trousers, which she completed open sandals heels. The highlight of the outfit was a voluminous blouse with open shoulders. Needless to say that Kim has decided to demonstrate to the public not only shoulders: large Breasts Kardashian and tries to fall out of an impressive cut!

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